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    WorldMax 14 x 8 black brass...

    The Supralite (steel), Black Magic (Brass), and artist "signature" model shells all have seams. The Supraphonic, various "phonic" (Brass, Bronze, Copper, Ludaloy, Aluminum) model shells, and Acrolite shells are seamless. Hardware used on Ludwig's seamless shells is different, in that the screws...
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    Beater weight issue..

    If you like the sound you get with the new beater, just build your foot up to do what you want again. It'll probably take less time than you think. Then when you're up to speed with the heavier beater, you can switch them out for different sounds and be able to do anything you want. I'm...
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    Well, well, well. For those who know me.

    I haven't been on the forum much the last few years. For those that remember me, I've used a deep bass drum for almost 30 years now. 20x26 was my main bass drum for almost the last 20 years. I've used 16" &18" deep 26's and 24's too. I was always a supporter of the deeper shell, depending on how...
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    WorldMax 14 x 8 black brass...

    The shell used is a great one. Same as used by most "brands". The seamed shell is solid, and the parts used are quality. With WM, you can pretty much order what you want anyway. If you prefer a bit more control, as opposed to as much ring as you can get, a seamed shell is a great way to go...
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    DW 6000 failure

    Is that the regular 6000, or Ultra light hi hat stand? Hopefully it's not a PITA fix. That's a nice, comfortable stand. I have the DW 6000 hat stand too, but under my normal playing on a gig, it wobbles. To be fair, I'm playing fairly hard the whole time. I don't think it would break, but the...
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    Pros and cons of snare strap: mylar strip, cord, grosgrain

    I had the ribbon on a few snares Billy (Baker) made me, but then I got the Canopus wires, and A/B'd things, and put cord on again. That just sounded the best to me, and I haven't looked back. After I ran out of the Ludwig cord, I started with the Kevlar stuff. I cut a spool of it to size so I...
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    Does someone have the sE V kick bass drum mic?

    I searched through posts and couldn't find it, but I could have sworn some had the the sE V kick bass drum mic. If anyone has some experience with this mic, please give some feedback. THANKS!!
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    Pros and cons of snare strap: mylar strip, cord, grosgrain

    I only use cord. I used to use Ludwig's gold cord, but it has been changed. I've used a Kevlar paracord (size "micro" 1.18mm 1/20--yellow) for almost 2 years now. I used other paracord types, which are also excellent, but the Kevlar does not stretch, so there isn't any break-in period. It...
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    Carpets as drum rug?

    I use the 6'x8' indoor/outdoor carpet from Menards. It's about $15. They have different colors but I just use the black one. Lightweight, and very foldable. The stands stay where they are set, but I do secure (hot glue) little notched stoppers where the bass drum spurs go--same spot every time...
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    Drum bag recommendations?

    If you didn't get any bags yet, I can recommend BEATO Bags, 1000% Worth every cent. Great zippers, solid quality. I have a cymbal bag, stick bag, pedal bag, hardware bag. LOVE them.
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    First time In Ear Monitors

    The KZ AS10's are FANTASTIC sounding! I was really surprised. I actually got them based on the reviews on Drummerworld. Not very expensive, if you don't need to go the custom molded route.
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    Supralite Head

    Yes, It's the impost head with Ludwig type coating. Attack brand used to be similar, but there are new owners, and I believe a new film. They had a heavier coating. Aquarian Texture Coated single ply is similar, but not as thin. The Supralite is a great snare. All of the sizes sound really...
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    Does the cymbal stand make a difference in the cymbal's sound?

    I haven't noticed any difference between heavy, medium or flat base stands. If he's using Tama flat base stands, I believe the threaded post the cymbal goes on may be 6mm, instead of 8mm, and that will make a little difference in the amount of swing the cymbal has. The felts on those stands are...
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    People with 26" bass drums: WTF do you drive?

    I'll second this also. I had one of these and these have a TON of space.
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    People with 26" bass drums: WTF do you drive?

    I can get my kit in a Kia Soul. 18x26" bass drum, 3 floor toms. snare case, pedal, cymbal, hardware bags. I do not use cases (other than the 2 snares) to haul this in the Soul. The back seats fold FLAT. In one band I use a 16x26 13,16,18 and it is NO problem to fit it in the Soul. Great gas...