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    Getting a Broadkaster pretty soon. You can help me deceide on the finish.

    Gold Sparkle, or the Antique Marine Pearl. Have fun deciding!!
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    Ludwig Experts: Ludwig Classic Maple Opinions

    I have CM's that don't have any stamp for the date too. The main kit has the '07 info, but drums I got around 2013 don't have a date stamp. The toms from my '07 kit have 2 badges on the toms also. The toms from around '12/'13 don't. Yours should be in that 2010, 2011-ish range like others have...
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    Vibes earplugs

    I agree, the Vibes ear plugs are really good. I have a couple sets of these. The more expensive titanium set is clearer sounding to my ears. I like them for most things other than playing gigs (they cut the sound down a little too much), but seeing other bands play, rehearsals, or home playing...
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    Ludwig 6.5x14" RAW brass vs Ludwig 6.5x14" SUPER brass snare?

    Everything being equal (heads, wires, etc...) you'd be able to make either one sound like the other by tweaking the tuning. The differences would be actual shell tone (different for EVERY shell anyway), and little things that 5 feet away are lost. Win/Win choice IMO. I like the smooth shell...
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    Question for 24" x 14" kick drum owners.

    A little update on head selection also... I put on a clear CS CLEAR DOT on my 26, and the sound is full and "natural" with punch. The clear dot material is a little 'softer' sounding in the impact than a Black Dot (which I put on the 18x24...). The amount of shell resonance can be more or less...
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    Odd add ons or not much of a deal?

    If the finish is the same, or about the same, and the tone of the drum is going to be what you want/need, I say do it. Nothing odd about using what is needed to get your job done. Who's going to see a different badge?? Who would say anything? Like that would matter anyway, because if someone...
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    Flexi flyer vs speed cobra

    My foot generally likes the Flexi more than a long board, BUT that new Dyna Sync pedal is pretty dang awesome. I'd personally get the Dyna Sync over the Speed Cobra.
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    Best pedal for a large bass drum?

    And THAT'S WHY you tension the heads to suit the playing of the drum. Each rod is not ever going to be equal if you want the sound to be great to your ears, or mic, when you PLAY the drum/bass drum. The beater of a pedal hits in the same spot, but each stroke is never the same. Each stroke of a...
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    Name that pedal

    Wow, now that's pretty awesome. What do you think about the trend in the rotating spring assembly a lot of pedal use these days?
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    Best pedal for a large bass drum?

    Oh yeah.... Have fun!!!!
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    Best pedal for a large bass drum?

    I used a 28 for a little over 10 years. I never used a special beater, or set up the pedal any special way. Just tension the head to where it sounds and feels the best to you. It doesn't need to hit in the center to sound great.
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    Is the Tama Iron Cobra pedal polarizing? Do you like it?

    I had an IC (pre-cobra coil) Flexi Glide. I liked it a lot, but I couldn't get used to the heel piece. It felt too high to me at that time (eons ago... '06?). I do really like the feel of the IC line, and they have gotten nicer as years have gone by. I didn't like the Rolling or Power models...
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    DW 5000 Strap Pedal & DW 9000 Strap Pedal Input

    If there were no difference in feel for different people, there would only be one pedal. Everyone would use it, and like it that way!! .
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    And just like that, you hate your current gear...

    I had this happen with snare wires. I "liked" all the different the wires I was using, basically. Then I got a set of Canopus Vintage 20 wires...... 2 or 3 hits on the snare and I was blown away. I didn't even want to play the other snares until I got a couple more sets of those wires! That...
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    Your personal least favorite set you actually owned.

    The WORST snare I ever owned was a Tama Art Star 6.5 Maple. I did a logo for a music store and got the snare instead of cash. Not a drum I would have gotten normally, but it WAS a top of the line snare at the time (1985-86). Die cast hoops, extended snare wires, the works, so it was a decent...