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    Real Gretsch drums or no?

    That kit is a steal at $1200 Last things to look out for? That the kit wasn't literally a steal. That you don't get robbed and shot over $1200 cash in your pocket.
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    Home Recording Studio...

    Hi Wendy, and welcome. New topics generally start a new thread. Since you're here: Is your son a child or a youth? What is your budget? What instrument(s) does your son play? Does he possess have a Mac/PC/smartphone/tablet? (That he may use for the purpose of recording music)
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    Real Gretsch drums or no?

    Blackhawks. What was their other economy line.. The "Energy" or something? The Renegade?
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    Music stand that clamps on drum rack?

    Almost any multiclamp (with the correct sizing) will suffice. There are even Rack specific ones.
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    Found the secret to cleaning cymbals

    A clean dry towel, followed by a damp warm towel, followed by a clean dry towel.
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    Rooms/stages that you've played

    I've played stages that sound one way during soundcheck, and sounded completely different once the room is full of people. I've played a stage where the amplifier hum would change with the tide. It was on a pier, and the ground impedance would change as the water level changed.
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    Do you control your own stage mix?

    The only untold down-side of the Presonus stuff is the awkward two-day "let's figure this technology shit out" period with the rest of the band. It really requires everyone's full commitment and attention. Once all of the scenes are created/saved, and everyone is sorted, it's autopilot for...
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    Do you control your own stage mix?

    +1 for Presonus and iPhone
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    Advice On PA System for Drums

    My standard answer: Two Yamaha powered tops, at least one (preferably two) powered bottom, one mixer, poles/stands. Tops need to be at least 12". Bass bin needs to be at least 15". Your budget is going to require you buy used, and I recommend the GC used section.
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    Starclassic or Neusonic?

    Not that I know of. This is more an attestation of Tama's legendary durability than a suggestion that Ludwig has a shortcoming.
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    Starclassic or Neusonic?

    The entire reason behind the "sounds great in GC" is that the Neusonic is a low mass kit, and will sound better in an acoustic setting than a commodity kit. We're comparing an acoustic instrument to an instrument taylored for amplification. IE: My Yamaha acoustic guitar sounds better than my...
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    Starclassic or Neusonic?

    Indeed... I don't think that Ludwig knows anymore either. It's fair to say that the Neusonic is a bit heavier than competing low-mass kits and lighter than competing standard-mass kits. Akin to what Pearl does with their fiberglass offering. Personally, if I wanted a modern low-mass kit...
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    Starclassic or Neusonic?

    StarClassics are a standard mass kit. These compete with pretty much every other standard weight kit. Neusonics are a low-mass kit. They compete with other low-mass kits by GeorgeWay, INDe, and Pearl's fiberglass offerings. Before you begin ranking kits based on preference, you might want to...
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    Snare Wires

    For almost all snare drums, I usually start with a generic Gibraltar 20-strand and work from there. Once I hear what a drum does with the generic, I can make decisions regarding number of strands and...
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    Mapex Saturn Evolution or INDe Drums

    I went with the George Way. I wanted low mass, but couldn't cost-justify a Guru or talk Andy into doing gloss black. I liked what Josh did with Ludwig's Signet and it came down to whether I wanted GW's vintage swag or INDe's nouveau/modern aesthetic. I went with the GW because I'm an old fart...