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    Jazz Piano Trios

    I love horns, love Diz and Byrd and Miles and Monk and all them horn blowing cats. Quartets, Quintets (Miles late Quintet is like the zenith for me!), Sextets, Big Bands etc. However I find that for the last 2 or so years my focus keeps zoning in on Piano Trios. There is just something...
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    Just curious how many of you have a triangle in your kit. I myself love the sound. russell
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    Help! Missing bass drum clamp

    I have a 14" Pearl kick that is missing one clamp. Does anyone know where I can get this? Many thanks. russell
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    Jazz rides

    Is the most used ride in Jazz the Zildijan K dark ride? or is there another. Also, my 3 favorite Jazz drummers are Paul Motian, Ben Riley and Roy Haynes, anyone know what rides they usually use? Thanks for any info. cheers
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    I was bidding on this Zildjian Avedis 20" Deep Ride with rivets and lost...but I guess the high bidder flaked out so the seller offered it to me for my bid of $121.50, and now it's mine! Been wanting a rivet cymbal to complete my set so I am psyched! w00t!
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    Jazz snares...

    Being a neophyte, I am curious as to what snares are considered the best for Jazz, especially for brush work. I'm especially wondering if there is a shared consensus on what constitutes the "ideal" Jazz drummers snare. Thanks for all and any responses. cheers!
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    My ebay kit

    So I have been putting together my first kit via ebay the last 3 or 4 months and am pretty much finished...started out with a Pearl 14/6 snare with stand and have the following: Pearl 18X14 Kick with a GP bass pedal, 13/10 Pearl Tom, 16/16 Tama Floor Tom, 20' Sabian Ride, 18' Sabian Crash/Ride...
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    what size crash?

    I am playing Jazz, mostly brush work. I have a 20" ride and want to add a crash to my kit. What size would be most suitable?
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    Best drum magazine

    Since I am new to the drumming world, I am not familiar with the magazines and would like to subscribe to one. What is the collective wisdom for the most informative drum magazine? My interest is strictly Jazz. Thanks.
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    Jazz brush work

    I'm a newbie and just getting into Jazz brush work. I'm looking for recommendations for a method book and or video. Any info would be much appreciated. cheers!