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    You know you’re getting old when...

    That is absolute gold! Oh crap, that means I am old too. My contribution: my band has a gig on Friday, sharing with 2 other bands, and I am delighted that we are on first because it means I get to play out and not get to bed late! Rock and roll baby!
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    Pearl or Mapex

    Personal choice is fine, and if somebody doesn't like toms on a cymbal stand that's all good. But ergonomics and real estate are irrelevant
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    Pearl or Mapex

    That is just not the case. I have a virgin bass drum, and have the toms on cymbal stands, and everything is exactly where I want it with no problems with real estate.
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    The inclusion of Billie Jean is a he'd scratcher for me. The song has a deserved place in drumming lore as an example of less being more, and the importance of playing a simple part with authority, but it's just not a great drum intro.
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    Help deciding on maple kit...

    Add Mapex Saturns to your choice set. Nutty walnut goodness to blend with the syrupy maple sweetness. Yes, I have a Saturn kit.
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    If you plan on having this kit for a long time, resale value is largely irrelevant. If you are somebody who gets bored with gear and flips it regularly, then it matters.
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    What’s the difference between jazz combo and jazz ensemble?

    An ensemble attracts a bigger crowd. Based on each member being able to persuade one person to turn up to hear them playing different songs at the same time.
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    Mapex or Gretsch?

    The OP is from Bali (Indonesia) which may limit choices somewhat.
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    Too old to Play Drums

    Would you old farts get off my lawn?
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    Getting fired from the band

    Stuff does happen just random. How we react to it though is not random. An optimistic outlook tends to bring positive results. Not because anything magical happens, but because people who maintain an optimistic outlook manage to find things to be optimistic about.
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    Why are some guitarists so hard to play with?

    Jazz is not for everybody.
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    Is this thought true for you?

    As soon as microphones and eq enter the equation, gear choices matter a whole lot less.
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    10 & 12 or 12 & 13 toms

    The 13 is so good because not only is it an odd number, but a prime number, which is what gives it that extra special sound.
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    Can anyone identify these Mapex drums?

    Zackly! How can you go wrong, even with entry level drums, for $100? Or, another way, what deal have you found that eclipses this one?
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    Jazz to some people...