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    Help identifying this Tama pedal

    It has the same pedalboard as the cheaper Tama pedals but it has a solid plate at the bottom. It also has just the single drive so i'm just wondering what exact model this pedal is and what I could get for it if selling it. Also, it's a bit smaller than my DW pedal.
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    Anyone with experience with DW's "HVX Maple" shells? [OR WOODY HUGE snares in general]

    Not sure if it's just a gimmicky way of marketing a slightly lower quality blend of wood. How does it compare to other DW lines? Ran into it because I've been looking for a higher end snare that's as woody as it gets at the 8x14 size. DW's performance series with HVX Maple is set at 400 right...
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    TAMA Snare: soundworks vs "LTD edition artwood"

    Interested in getting a new snare. Currently have a Tama superstar birch snare 14x5.5 and mapex M birch? 14x5.5. My tama snare has served me well but i'm looking for something that can give me a deeper sound. The TAMA Soundworks Kapur in 14x6 or 13x7 are both very cheap at around $199. Does...
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    Paiste signature dark energy hats vs byzance medium hats

    In the process of trading out gear for my church's drum set. We have a set of paiste signature dark energy hi hats 14" and i want to swap them out with someone who is trading out meinl byzance medium hi hats. What are your takes on both? The paistes were a bit clunky and trashy and didnt go...
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    18" Kick for Christian Rock?

    Been thinking about buying a starclassic that is up on craigslist. It's $425 for 18x20" kick, 10, 12, and 14x14 on legs. 18" diameter and 20" deep. Mind you, starclassics are one of my dream kits (realistic dream) and I always wanted one. the 14x14 on legs is ideal and the finish isn't bad...
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    Should I pull the trigger on this Black Panther?

    So I've heavily been in the craigslist market for a 13x6 (or 7) snare. I have a couple 14" snares that I love but I really want a 13". And keep in mind that I am not one of those people looking for a $400 snare. Just something of quality that isn't gonna kill me. I've had my eye on Black...
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    HELP! is this a mapex PRO M? or just an M??

    I don't have pics of my actual kit at the moment but I bought a kit from a guy on craigslist who posted it as a mapex Pro M. I never owned a mapex or even had much experience with them so i just assumed it was a pro M. I looked up pro M floor toms cause i wanted to add a 14x14 and noticed that...
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    What size is your main snare? Why?

    Just wanted to see what you guys thought about the different sizes of snares. I currently use a 14x5 tama superstar snare since my kit is a superstar as well. I was looking into trading this guy on Craigslist for a 13x6 black panther premium series Birdseye maple. He wants my Zildjian A medium...
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    Casio LD-80 DON'T MATE ME! :P

    You guys might hate me for this but I was wondering what you guys knew about the Casio LD-80. I know to a serious drummer, this may be a piece of junk or just a toy but I just want something portable that I can whip out for a spontaneous jam session with my friends or something. So in a sense...
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    A Question for Moongel Users!

    I love moongel. It's my favorite way to control overtones on my drums and sometimes even my cymbals. I know they're only like 6 bucks for a new pack but do any of you have any tips on restoring used ones to a newer state? I have 2 kits and I used only 1 pack of moongels, switching between the...
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    New Cymbal Initiation?

    Just bought a Zildjian Sweet Ride from craigslist today! I've wanted one for a looooong time and I'm really satisfied with my find. As most of you fellow craigslisters know, cymbals are not always in mint condition when you buy them. My Sweet Ride isn't in bad condition but there's a fair...
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    double pedal help! (dw 4000)

    Hey guys, I'm still kinda new to double pedaling but I recently bought a barely used gretsch catty club off of some guy on craigslist. He gave me a bunch of hardware and to my surprise, he threw in a DW 4000 pedal. I thought it was a single but I realized when I got home that it was a double. He...
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    Gretsch Catalina Club or Catalina Birch

    Hey guys. Haven't posted in a while but I hope you'll all be forgiving and as helpful as you always are O:) haha So I have a Tama Superstar in sizes 22, 16, 13, 12. This is currently my main set but I've been wanting to leave that kit at church and have another set I can have at home and also...
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    Pearl Artisan Snare?

    Hey all, So i've been wanting to buy a new snare. I've got a ludwig acrolite from the late 70s that I bought off of a fellow DWer but I want a wooden snare as well. (even if it means replacing my acro) So I've been searching for cheap snares under $175. The Tama superstars are tempting since I...
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    Online transactions on DW

    I had a question about how you go about selling or buying things on a forum (DW obviously) I don't really know too much about online buying in general but how do you go about deciding who pays first? Do you pay before you receive the item you're buying? (Or vice-versa, do you send the sold...