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    Meinl Crash Blending

    The Meinl Byzance vintage Crash is also pretty thin and trashy. I love that crash But also, the 20” Vintage Trash Crash is the perfect quick trashy crash that doesn’t ring out for ever
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    Sleeved Washers or related products, do they really work?

    I love the leather washers from Canopus. I instantly put them on ever drum I own
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    is cowbell's really that worth it to have?

    My issue with Cowbells is how they feel when I play them. The stick rebound is weird and I always seem to drop sticks when I play them a while. Lately I’ve just been using a Roland trigger module and the trigger and setting as my cowbell sound. To me it feels so much better
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    When do you retire a pair of sticks? (No breaks)

    I don’t have specific time in which I retire, it’s just mostly based on feel. Once I feel like it’s lost it’s feel, then I toss it. But man, even as a heavy hitter, I’m breaking so few sticks now since switching to ProMark.
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    Trick driveshaft

    I have the Pearl Eliminator Redline double pedal and I use the Trick Drive shaft. It’s hard to explain why it’s so much better but it just is. It basically is zero lag on the left pedal and just makes it glide that much smoother. I also own a trick Big Foot double pedal and nothing compares...
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    Promark Changes

    If you can find it in stock, you should absolutely check out the Carter McLean Signature stick..I've been playing with them the last few weeks and Im all in. The Benny Greb Signature was my go to but the wild in consistency in weight and quality of those sticks left a lot to be desired. The CM...
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    Danny Carey signature snare

    Man, I've wanted one for a long time but the resell has been insane. I know he's using a cast snare these days from VK and before from Duluth/Ocheltree.. But still its a DC signature and I want it. His signature ride is lit
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    Audio problem for my hybrid drum setup.

    I think of you bought the cheapest M1 Mac mini, your setup would be greatly improved. I feel like it’s the perfect Mac for anything audio and so many pro studios are just using a Mac mini
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    Desert Island Snare Drums

    Yea I’ve almost bought that Canopus snare multiple times and still might
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    Desert Island Snare Drums

    If you could only keep 2 snare drums from your collection: What would they be? And Why? For me, I’d want to have 1 wood and 1 Metal. If you asked me a few days ago I’d have included my Trusty 14x6.5 Supraphonic as one of the snares. But I just added the Sonor Benny Greb 2.0 Brass version...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Just added the Focusrite Octopre Dynamic to my setup. This will help me expand my Scarlett 18i20 to 16 mic inputs and move away from the Behringer XAIR XR18 I was using as a preamp. I guess the pandemic has been hard on Scarlett & Behringer manufacturing. Barely anything in stock. I was...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I have this kit. And I love it!! Just be prepared for the Ride cymbal to fail. It will fail over and over again and each replacement will fail. The bright side is.. customer service is great and sends a new one ASAP
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Can never go wrong with a Supraphonic or a Paiste 2002 Crash
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    Black Beauty question

    I went with the model with Brass tube lugs and brass Die cast hoops (that I later changed out for triple flange). But I think a lot of people think the 8 lug version of the drum is the way to go. Mine is 10 but apparently there was a big demand for the 8 lug version of the BB
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    Metal or Wood?

    I have 11 Snares. 5 wood (Maple, Steambent Walnut, 10ply Maple, Beech, Oak/maple) and 6 Metal (Aluminum, COB, 5mm Cast Bronze, Brass, & Copper). If I had to pick just 1 to use the rest of the my life it would probably be my Sonor Benny Greb 2.0 (Made of beech), just because its so damn...