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    Sonor AQX Jungle First impressions/ mini review

    I owned the DW design series which I believe has the same shells as the DW frequent flyer kit and that kit gave more more tuning issues than any other kit I’ve owned. I actually the PDP concept maple was a much better value. Honestly after that DW kit and the DW collectors series maple snare...
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    Sonor AQX Jungle First impressions/ mini review

    Yep. So much so that it makes me want to get a 20” kick for main kit. Feels like you can make any size kick drum thump and really it’s all about how it feels
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    Sonor AQX Jungle First impressions/ mini review

    I initially wanted an 18” kick. But man, this 16” kick with an EMAD on it thumps! But what I really love is the way it feels.
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    Sonor AQX Jungle First impressions/ mini review

    A few weeks ago I got this urge to buy a micro kit after playing a Canopus bop kit. Usually when some things hits my “wanted” list, I become obsessed until I get it (this is how I ended up with 50k worth of gear during the pandemic… it’s a problem I know). Any way I was down to just 2 kits.. a...
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    Carter Mclean

    Carter is a bad bad dude. I like his style and approach. Also his signature sticks from Promark have become my favorite stick. Dude just has really great skills and his control on his left hand is so good
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    K Constantinople vs Foundry Reserve

    I can’t speak for the zildjian stuff but I absolutely love my Meinl Foundry reserve hats and 18” crash. They are just super versatile and beautiful cymbals
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    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    Trick Big Foot Pro double on my acoustic kit Pearl Redline double with Trick drive shaft on my e-kit
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    Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

    Owning both the Beech and Brass BG 2.0 snares pretty much convinced me to sell off the the rest of my snare collection. Those 2 snares cover so much ground
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    THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

    I am doing a serious clean out of my drum inventory. And I’m down to just 6 snares left. With half being 13”.. That said I have built up an insane inventory of drumheads. Some are brand new, others are like and zero are lifeless. Would anyone be interested in purchasing this Lot of 14” snare...
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    What's the Best Do-Everything Paiste Ride Cymbal?

    Paiste Dark Energy MKI is my choice.
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    Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

    My SQ1 kit is my baby. But damn this little inexpensive AQX kit made of cheap poplar and small shells (16” kick, 10” Tom and 13” floor Tom) sounds killer. Something about a kit this size that kinda refreshes you and gets you excited to post again and play something different.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Ha it’s in my finished basement with zero windows. I’m just using 6 large super bright “daylight” flood lights. That plus iPhone 12 Pro camera is really good
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Got the Sonor AQX Jungle kit. Such a great compliment to my larger more expensive Sonor SQ1 kit This drum kit just insured me to play different. Paired with my brass Benny Greb today. I’ll likely never use the snare that came with it Side note: I played this with my trick pedal but they...
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    Should I buy this snare I want but don’t need?

    The gretsch USA bronze is a great snare. Truly zero harm as if you end up not needing it, you can sell damn near instantly. I know mine did
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    Whats Your Latest Practice ?

    I’ve never taken a drum lesson in my life. But a few years ago I decided to become obsessed with the paradiddle. Just kinda practicing it relentlessly around the kit and then turning into into grooves on the hi hat & snare have made me so much of a better player. So latest I’ve been double...