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    The best bass drum sound!

    The one that springs to mind from a kit I do not own was an old 1960's Gretsch Roundbadge at a studio I was recording at. It was a 20" and ticked all the boxes in that room. Lovely sounding drum.
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    Olympics Anyone?

    Back on the topic I did watch some of the opening ceremony but it just fell flat without any spectators. I absolutely love watching the indoor Track Cycling in the velodrome, so much so I've been to events in person at the Olympic Park in London as a spectator, it's very electric and exciting...
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    Can anyone ID Sid's kit?

    That’s Nirvana in that photo and Dave Grohl on the drums
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    A drumshop no longer....

    It was a fine shame when Drumwright went out of business (also my pick for this thread) Only a 30minute drive from us so when that closed the local options narrowed massively.
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    Black Beauty Questions and Input Needed!

    Both great drums but I own and prefer the 6.5 version. Imperial lugs on mine.
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    Drummers Arise

    As much as possible, in most styles. I try and soak up as much as I can.
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    Click Track Help

    Also, if you can’t hear the click at times as much there’s a chance that you’re perfectly in sync with it. On those moments don’t panic, just assess if that’s the case. My main advice? Practice with one extensively alone so you know what to expect.
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    Camping: grab your sticks and pad and head to the woods!!

    Haven't been since the UK left the European Union recently (don't get me started on that!!!) but before you'd simply enter a check point upon arrival to the country, show your passport whilst remaining in your car and away you go. It was very simple, no visas needed for where we went. The only...
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    Camping: grab your sticks and pad and head to the woods!!

    Love camping, we own two tents and before having dogs and a child would go whenever we could. Few times we loaded the tent into the car, got the ferry from the UK to France and would just choose somewhere in Europe to head towards, find a campsite on route and rock up and explore the area...
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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    The snare I use the most is my 14x6.5 Black Beauty Second is my LM400
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    Poll: Cymbal Logos

    Not important to me at all. Although I only have one cymbal not from my chosen manufacturer I'm not picky on how they look mostly. I use cymbals with logos and without, as I've bought most of them on the used market. I don't clean them either! As long as they sound good thats all that matters...
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    Do You Hold On To Stuff You're Not Using?

    I keep hold of most things, as I tell myself I'll need it one day as a voice. Truth is I have used a lot of my gear (drums, snares & cymbals) as it's been nice to have choices for any situation. Out of all the things I own I haven't used in years is a couple of items. An Istanbul Agop flat ride...
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    Soultone endorser regret?

    They recently came up on my instagram account advertising for endorsers, lots of drummers in the comments saying "I'm endorsed by Soultone!!..,etc" incorrectly detailing what an endorsement actually is. Absolute shameless company and sales tactics. I have no desire to try their cymbals (not...
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    Is counting in during songs unprofessional?

    This, if I feel like I and the band need a point of reference for coming back in I use the hi hat via my foot. To the audience it sounds a little more like part of the song or composition than using your sticks. Plus it’s quieter.