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    Did I buy a defective head?

    I just bought three coated Vintage Emperors. One 16" and two 14"s. The 16 and one of the 14s both make a low tone out the box. The other 14 makes a flappy sound with no pitch. Is this a sign of a bad head?
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    Vintage Emperor: noticeable difference?

    I've had the same Emperors on all my batters for 3 years now. So, yeah, time for new heads. This is where you come in. The Vintage Emperors caught my attention, and I was totally willing to throw down the money for the full outfit, but they don't make them in 26" (my kick). Being that I have...
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    Best way to clean drums?

    I've had my current kit 3.5 years now and I've never cleaned it. There's sort of a hazy layer of hand grime around all the drums which sort of gets smudged around when I try to rub it off. I'd hate to take a damp cloth to them. What's the best way to restore that beautiful out-of-the-box shine?
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    I don't understand why people close mic

    Frankly, I think it sounds like s***. The drum set is a single instrument and should be miked as such. For a tighter sound, simply use the right room. You have to give time for the sound waves to develop through the air. What a mic picks up 1/2 inch away from a drum is not what a drum sounds like.
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    Anyone know what I could expect to sell these for?

    I'm going to call around tomorrow to see who will give me the best offer on two shell packs that I want to get rid of. The first being three Gretsch Catalina Maples, sizes 22, 16 and 12. The snare and 14 floor that come with the kit no longer exist. The bass drum spurs are missing and the ugly...
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    Video/audio recorders?

    What's are some good video/audio recorders for drummers? I've seen a lot of buzz about the Zoom q3hd but it seems to be discontinued and a bit dated. I've seen some eBay listings for pretty cheap. Is it worth getting, or should I invest in a newer, more expensive device? I'm really not looking...
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    How much with GC give for this drum set?

    I don't have an pictures, but I can describe it: It's a 2009 Grestch Catalina Maple, but only the bass drum, 16 floor and 12 rack. The bass drum is missing the tom hardware, so there's a hole, also the spurs are missing the rubber, and of course a couple scratches here and there. What will...
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    For Bonham fans

    I'm a big Bonham guy and I've recently started uploading to YouTube. If you're interested, please subscribe. Thanks.
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    Factory edge work: cost?

    Does anyone know how much Ludwig charges for edge shaping? I'd like my 45s brought to a vintage style roundover. Thanks.
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    Paiste 2002 ride: before and after

    Bar Keeper's Friend and Turtle Wax Ice...
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    Ludwig Atlas Pro snare stand 1

    I have Bonham sizes and want to rest my big tom on a stand rather than hang it off an atlas mount. My only concern is that it wouldn't be high enough. My low end Ludwig snare stand under my snare cannot go high enough for my purposes. Does anyone know what the length of the tubing is for the...
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    Hi-fi earplugs and the sound of raw drums

    (I am strictly talking about my perspective from behind the kit here. This isn't an issue to the audience.) But... I feel like drums literally sound better when wearing hi-fi earplugs. When it's going into your ears raw, there's too much attack, and I feel like this doesn't allow the ear to...
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    Big cymbals

    I've got Paiste 2002s, 15 hats, 24 ride and two 18 crashes (one is a medium). The 20 inch crashes are ****ing amazing. I must have one some day.
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    Why has Ludwig...

    ...moved the positioning of their ride mount? It used to be in the dead center between the batter and reso side. Now, when you custom order, it gives you only two options: closer to batter or closer to reso. Why? I find this odd. I feel like in order to have it in the middle, you would either...
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    Ludwig Drum Porn

    Custom-ordered 2015 Classic Maples in 14, 16 and 26 sizes. After owning them for a year and a half, I can say I really couldn't be happier with them. Anyone on the fence about Ludwig should definitely join the club. My goal is to upgrade all my hardware to the Atlas Pro line, as I have low-end...