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    Loose DW Delta Hinge

    Hey all So I've recently noticed a problem with my 5000 single pedal. The nuts that reside in the middle of the delta hinge (see pic) keep backing off and hence result in some sidewards play in the hinge and hence the foot board. It's very easy just to tighten these back up however they seem to...
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    C&C 1 up 2 down

    Hi all My christmas present to myself finally came in yesterday. I present my very own C&C Player Date II walnut finish drum set Shells are Maple//Mahogany//Maple and are in the sizes of 22x14 12x8 14x14 16x15 They sound amazing. The bass drum is a canon of pure warmth and low end and the...
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    Bastion- thoughts on music and production

    Hey It's been a while since I've posted around these parts of town. This is my latest project Bastion We've just recorded a couple of demos in our bedroom and would be keen to here some thought on both the music and production (we are novices)...
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    Frankenstein 1 up 2 down

    Here is the latest configuration I've been rocking with my band. We're moving studios currently so I brought all the gear home and set it up for a bit of fun. Comprised of a Gretsch Cat Jaz and Tama Swingstar with my Moody Tasmania blackwood snare drum with Zildjian cymbals (slowly looking at...
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    Art of Bop play-along

    Hey guys I recorded some tracks from John Riley's Art of Bop and would be keen to hear your feedback When I finished highschool (end of 2011) I auditioned for a bachelor of music at university and was accepted, however I deferred...
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    K is for Kool

    I just picked up 4 new (to me) K's for $600. I feel like the luckiest man ever. These were secondhand from a friend who is giving up the drums, sad but I wasn't going to try and convince him otherwise :P The set is K 22 Light ride K 20 Heavy ride K Constantinople 18 Crash K/Z 13 Hi Hats With...
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    New alternative rock/pop demos

    Heya My band went into the studio today to record some demos for a A&R guy from Warner Bros (excited!!!!!!!) Here's a link to one of them. It's still a bit rough in terms of mix and mastering but it's what they wanted Any thoughts...
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    Gretsch Bop kit + snare arsenal

    So I got a new (and very good) camera ages ago, but only recently starred playing around with it. I thought I'd learn the ropes by taking pics of my Gretsch CCJ. Still not an amazing photographer so sorry for some of the blur. This is my main kit and I use it for everything from jazz to rock...
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    My band's recent EP Please have a listen (IT'S FREE) and if you like it maybe purchase it (NOT SO FREE) We've just launched our own webstore this past week which has our debut EP Sudden Ambition as well as a single release. For any Melburnians we are closing Moomba Festival this...
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    Tasmanian Blackwood Snare

    Just bought this new snare from Melbourne (Australia) drum builder Jim Moody. 14x7 Tasmanian Blackwood ply shell American Rock Maple Hoops Trick hardware It sounds amazing and I am really stoked :) More pics when I pick it up Jackson
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    New Amber Lamps live videos

    Heya Just some new vids of new songs if anyone is interested. We were a five piece but our frontman left to pursue an acting career. However we've carried on without him and written newer material. These videos are from our second gig as a four piece. The singing is being covered by both our...
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    15" k light hats and 21" sweet ride

    I chose them with playing both jazz and alternative rock/pop in mind. Digging them real bad. What makes it better is that I picked them up for a fraction of retail price. Big props to Conrad and the guys at Revolver Drums
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    Ep Release

    So my band's Ep has been release (both physically and online). I would appreciate it if you checked it out. It can be heard here And bought off iTunes here (FOR CHEAP!!!!!)...
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    Sudden Ambition EP

    Hey guys My band Amber Lamps is releasing an EP this Friday (27th). The EP has also been posted online on our bandcamp and will be available off iTunes from 1st of Feb. Please check it out and let me know what you think :) Also if anyone...
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    Amber Lamps- Live Footage from Gigs

    Hey just some live vids from a set my band Amber Lamps played back in October. Took a while to get the footage edited. Unfortunately the sound and mixing is below par as we had numerous technical difficulties with the desk (amongst other things) through out the night. Check it out and let me...