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    Fusion study material

    +1 on Future Sounds. New breed could be helpful too and a lot of people really like the way the stuff is layed out and formatted. Honestly there are a bunch of coordination books you could go with. Also check out odd time sig books. I really like the permutation habbits that Future Sounds gets...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I pulled the trigger on this last night after reading and drooling over these for years. With that price and how quickly the watchers were stacking up, I figured it was time. Where is the serial number usually located on these? Anything I should look at when I get it in to make sure there aren't...
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    Hey Everyone

    My name is John. I'm 29. I've been playing drums since I was 14 with a bit of a gap for a couple of years. Basically 15 years now. I'm a jazz performance major at UIUC but I play everything. I have the most experience with Metal, Funk, Jazz, and Rock. I've played everything from roller rink...
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    Marcus Gilmore

    He just did a feature with MD on a Craviotto. I have no idea what he endorses. I'm not sure it matters. lol
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    Drum teacher tells me to ignore metronome for now

    So sometimes you have to table one priority and zoom in on another. Sounds like that's the idea your teacher is going for. It's also totally possible to work both. Something to think about that I don't think I've seen touched on yet here. Sometimes a metronome can take away from technique in...
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    Steve Smith: Practice on a splash cymbal for touch

    lolwut? Not sure what he means by “develop his touch”. A splash has a fairly niche feel and response so I wouldn’t really recommend using it as a baseline for developing technique on other parts of the kit but hey... it may work great for whatever he’s talking about. Weird.