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    Better way of doing slow-fast-slow

    I wasn't ever really satisfied with the exercise where you practice a rudiment without a metronome and go from slow to fast to slow tempo gradually. Don't get me wrong I think it's a really good exercise but the perfectionist in me just cried because I didn't know at what tempos I was doing it...
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    Mic for a hihat

    What would be the best choices for a good overall (studio/live/rehearsals) hihat microphone? Something between 100-200 euros (or dollars) would be ideal. I was thinking about AKG Perception 170 but decided to ask your opinions first before buying anything.
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    Where are all the 14x4 yamaha brass snares?

    I have been trying to locate a 14x4 yamaha brass snare for quite some time now here in Europe but I just can't seem to find one. I contacted several shops in UK that had them listed on their website but they basicly said there's none available on Yamaha UK or Yamaha Europe. New shipments...
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    Heel-down doubles, different perspective?

    I discovered that I like a really open sounding bass drum (no muffling etc), and I like to use wide range of dynamics in my playing to sort of give my grooves kind of waving nature. So I have been practicing a lot of rudiments with my feet on a double pedal. The problem is that I don't know how...
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    Sounds & smell = smounds? I found this interesting. Any thoughts? How should it smell on your band's gig? =P
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    German grip: angle of the wrist

    There has been a lot talk about fulcrum lately (and propably before also) and while it is an interesting topic I have been starting to pay attention to more of how my wrist actually moves with the german grip. I have heard it many times on DVD's and books and on the internet that the wrist...