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    Good to know.

    Have you fully recovered by now Andy? Not completely relevant to the topic, but Marco Minnemann said in one of this YouTube videos that a way to check if an independence exercise is mastered is the ability to speak while doing it. Then it’s muscle memory already.
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    Mic'ing drums, do you need tom mics?

    I usually close mike + overheads and Glyn Johns at the same time. 9 out of 10 times I use the Glyn Johns setup only. It just sounds more natural. I play classic rock and blues. Cascade Fat Head II ribbons centered over the snare and another one over the floor pointing to the snare. SM57 on...
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    What Recorded Snare Sound Do You Like?

    There’s many I like. But Stairway To Heaven is a well tuned and recorded snare drum that stands out to me.
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    Why do you Play?

    In my case it’s like this: - I love the friendship and socializing in a band and with musicians in general - I love to perform for a crowd - I love to challenge myself and make a song happen right there on the spot. I play a lot in a jam band. - I love the equipment and sound side, good drums...
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    Symmetrical Set Up

    Tried this a few years ago. Only 22” cymbals. Was cool, but the DW remote hat doesn’t sit well between the 2 bass drum beaters.
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    Most Important Sounds Like a Drum Episode Ever

    I discovered those way too late.
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    Gate advice on kick and snare

    For recording into a DAW, using hardware gates is a bad idea: 1. If set it wrong, you may lose some beats on the way in 2. Most DAWs have gates included or you can download free plugins. 3. DAW gates usually have a ‘Look forward’ functionality so you don’t lose the start of the transient...
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    XLR cable through bass drum vent hole

    Tritto. Works well.
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    Would you play gigs with it ?

    I have around 12 kits, some of them rare and collectible. They all get used in my home studio, but I only gig a 4 piece Premier Genista with a 20” kick or an up to 7 piece Tama Hyperdrive Duo. Both fairly new. it’s not so much a question of damage and scratches, but more getting sounds fast...
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    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    Mount is better. You can use it, or not use it. It reduces setup time in my opinion. I doubt anyone can hear if a kick is mounted or un-mounted.
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    Floor tom sounds choked, do any of those leg attachments work?

    I like the Pearl feet too. check the diameter of the floor tom legs. The Pearl feet fits the smaller diameter ones. 10mm I think. I have squeezed in 12mm Gretsch legs. But they like to pop out or the rubber cracks.
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    List of boutique builders

    Limousine Drums, Denmark. Varus Custom Drums. Italy. Both good stuff.
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    Who’s Old?

    Have a good one!
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    How's everyone holding up?

    Im an expat in Malaysia. Last week we finished a 7 week period where we could only go out for food shopping or medical assistance. I only left the house once during this time. Financially I’m fine, and coped well with the 7 weeks. No gigs for the foreseeable future, but it’s just a hobby anyway...
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    Selling on Ebay vs. Reverb-Pros/Cons? Ebay is just atrocious for selling anymore..............

    I’m in Malaysia and have 1108 purchasing transactions on eBay. Mostly drum stuff from USA. ‘overall it’s worked well for me. I don’t think even a single parcel was lost. I unfairly lost a couple of disputes though. Most memorable one was a ‘crack free’ cymbal that arrived with at least 5...