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    The Downwalls (my band)

    Hello fellow drummers, This is my band The Downwalls and here are the links for you to check us out: Facebook Page: CBC page: Let me know what you all think and give us a "like" on our FB page if you dig our...
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    Give me Feedback on my Band's New Track

    This is the latest track from my band Badson Breez. Thanks for watching!
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    This is the new recording of my band Badson Breez! Let me know what you think!!
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    Check out my new track and tell me what you think!!

    This is a link to my band's (Badson Breez) new track. Let me know what you think! Thanks!
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    Please critique my bands new song

    This is my band The Metaphors and we just wrote this new song. It would be much appreciated if you gave me some feedback on what you think of our song, Thanks for watching Jordan (the drummer of this band)
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    Tuxedo by The Metaphors(original song)

    This is my new band and we just wrote this instrumental song. Thanks for watching Jordan
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    all of my bands tracks are posted!!!!

    This is my band "Deltoid and the Rollers", we wrote an album's worth of songs and posted all of them. I hope you enjoy them. Jordan
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    College drum ensemble performs improvisation

    This is our College drum ensemble performing an improvisation piece at the Christmas concert. Everything we did was the first time we did itt Thanks for watching, Jordan
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    Give feedback on my band please

    This is my band "Deltoid and the Rollers" and we have been jamming for 4 months now and we are always looking to improve so if you have any opinions please share them. Thanks Jordan These are a bunch of our songs. Enjoy.
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    Enjoy my bands new song "Text God"

    We are Deltoid and the Rollers and we just recorded our new song. We have been playing together for four months now so I hope you enjoy the tune. Thanks, Jordan
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    New original funk track by Rigid

    This is my band and we just gave each other couple of ideas and then we improvised the song so I hope you enjoy it and please watch both parts.
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    give me feedback on my funk

    I have been playing drums for 7 months and I would like some feedback on my playing please. Thanks for watching.
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    give me feedback on my video please

    This is me drumming after 7 months don't forget to give me feedback.\ Thanks for watching.
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    new original song by Rigid

    I hope you like my band's new original song.
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    my band's new original song

    This is my band and i hope you enjoy our new song