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    Graduation Etude Goldenberg advice

    Anyone fully competent with Goldenberg's Graduation Etude snare drum study, specifically the metric modulation markings? Looking for some advice.
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    FAO John Riley's Art of Bop Drumming users

    Ok, got an enquiry/ point of confusion that will only make sense to players who use the Art of Bop Drumming playalongs, specifically 'Last Week', the medium tune that employs an ABA form. Part of the form describes 'two chorus piano solo (first chorus AAB)' Counting through, i'm getting...
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    BBC Zildjian feature

    May be of interest:
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    Kim Thompson

    Anyone know much about her, recordings etc.? One of the baddest solos i've heard, ever.
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    Yogi Horton

    Unbelieveably, couldn't find a thread for this great. Awesome player and wise too, a big loss.
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    Macbooks, DVD playing, cheesed off

    I'm looking for some recommendations for freeware DVD playing software for macs. I'm finding the Apple DVD player and VLC player are fiddly in their layout and have yet to find an easy way to browse chapters and repeat over bits. And Hudson Music, if you're reading, would have been super if you...
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    Yammie kick pedal help/identification....

    To all the Yammie hardware enthusiasts, looking for a model id on this pedal, is named as 'Professional Model' on the footplate and is made in Japan. Was used by a touring drummer in the 80s. Is in decent usable condition, so am looking for opinions on what to expect on Ebay, cheers
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    Hoops on Yammie RCs?

    Just a quickie - anyone know the type of hoops fitted as standard on Yamaha Recording Customs, pre-YESS era? Die-cast or triple flanged?
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    Stefan Pasborg

    A late night discovery, he plays for Ibrahim Electric who seem to be little known outside Denmark. There are some vids of him on his site Fantastic chops with a Carlock style.
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    Claw Tapping Goodness I'd never have thought it possible....
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    Keep it greasy

    So my experimenting with sibelius and pdf creating leads me to share this transcription. Note that I didn't transcribe this myself, but i've retranscribed from an older, harder to read transcription that I found somewhere on the internet. My original is not tagged with the transcribers name...
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    Gary Novak

    No thread on a guy this gifted is outrageous: His chops have a bite to them which many lack, definitely one of the world's masters. I like the way his matched grip looks too. Should anyone afford the occasional thought on the man, place it here.