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    Broken or just handicraft?

    I was spending half a day in my rehearsal room yesterday to play the cymbal. It really sounds great I have to admitt! I also took another video that shows the degree of the warp a bit more accuratelly. I also wrote Tony Castello (Cymbalsony) an Email and he said it is not normal, definitely out...
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    Broken or just handicraft?

    Thanks a lot for all your thoughts! I will leave it as it is and just enjoy this piece of handicraft. It's a pleasure to play.
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    Broken or just handicraft?

    Does it mean you're an independant cymbasmith Matt? I know a cymbalsmith here in Berlin, he once fixed my Hi-Hats, which did not close properly. Would that be an option to bring it to him to get it rehammered? I guess its really more a cosmetic thing cause I actually like the sound. But I have...
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    Broken or just handicraft?

    Thanks Matt, so does it mean this irreguality happend in the factory while it was manufactured? Or later when it was played and carried around? And does it have an effect on the sound?
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    Broken or just handicraft?

    Its definitely more on the dryer side but has those very nice high frequences too. I never saw a 24" 30th Anniversary that is so light. Mostly they are around 3000-3200g. It allways stays controlled and has an awsome crash. But still it is a bit irritating cause I never had a cymbal that is bent...
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    Broken or just handicraft?

    Hi everyone, I need your opinion. I just baught a 24" Agop 30th Anniverdary (2830g) from another drummer. The cymbal sounds amazing, but it is bent like a banana! The guy said its due to its unbalanced weight and beacause it is handwork. I own a couple of 30th, but never had that issue before...
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    Dark 18 Crash

    I agree Vintage Old School. The best dark 18" Crash Ride I ever heard/owned was the 18" 30th Anniversary (1350g). Dark, complex, jazzy, wonderful! Of course, other mom's also have beautiful daughters too, but that's just my taste. I had an Agop 18" OM which I didnt like. The guy who baught it...
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    Best snare for $100 or less

    I just bought a Premier Astria from the 90s. It's the replacement for the Premier XPK and was only produced until 1999 for 1 year. Then it was replaced by the Premier Artist. It is a birch shell in 14" x 5.5". I paid 80 bucks for it and was absolutely blown away how good it sounds! It totally...
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    Istanbul Agop 30th anniversary...lovely

    Its really a matter of personal preference weather you go 22" or 20". For me personally, the 20" of the 30th Anniversary line makes a perfect left side ride and goes very well with dryer cymbal-lines like the Signatures or Jazz SE. I play the 20" mostly with my 22" medium Signature or with my...
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    Good China Cymbal

    I am wondering noone came up with the Agop Signature China's...the 20" and the 22" are amazing. 22" is wonderful also as a ride and the 20" has a nice and short splash.
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    Best Ride Cymbal?

    My personal favourite is a 22" Craig Lauritsen Controversial. It weights 2065g, has very dark wooden stick, beautiful wash and overtones, just sounds right to me in every circumstances. (It's the second from the right.)
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    Single tom mount Premier Genista??

    As far as I know Gibraltar doesn't produce a tom holder with the diameter 1 1/8 (3cm). I couldn't find any yet. Which one did/do you use?
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    Helping identifying Premier wooden snare from the 90's

    If that is really an Asteria (which is basically the same snare then the birch xpk) then i’d say it sounds amazing according to this video: Any thoughts on that?
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    Helping identifying Premier wooden snare from the 90's

    Just found this: It looks like a Premier Astria Model, only produced 1999 for one year. What u think?`Anyone know this drum and say...
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    Helping identifying Premier wooden snare from the 90's

    Hello drummers, can someone help me identifying this premier snare? The badge says "made in England" and the seller told me, its from the 90's. He thought it is a XPK, but found out it isn't. Yet, he couldn't find out which series it belongs to. Anyone knows? And if: is it any good? Thanks a lot...