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    Open letter to all forum members

    Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure this will be removed. I received a letter from Johnny this morning and am posting my response.....The only reason for making this public is so those I've become friends with and those who've enjoyed my posts know why I'm gone Today at 8:05 AM 10/11/2020 We need...
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    I need a short cymbal stand...

    I need a short cymbal stand... need a taller drummer.
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    I have original music I made with "fake" drums...

    Actually good music for background. You've got talent with rough edges that I'm sure you'll work out as you move forward. First thing I'd work on is loop repetition. A dead giveaway it's not real musicians and makes it sound like something you'd hear on hold with your phone. Otherwise you're...
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    Grams per inch

    An odd but interesting question. Kind of like I wonder about snare sizes. I mean a 5x14 equals 70 but it's NOT square inches and I don't think there's such a thing as round inches. But I do wonder how that 5x14 would compare sound wise to a 4.5x15 which equals 67.5. Would the 2.5 (inches)...
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    Noble & Cooley's new Union Series using Tulipwood. WOW!

    Yeah it does look fun. Here's one I'd love to do.
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    Noble & Cooley's new Union Series using Tulipwood. WOW!

    Thanks for the link. Something to look into for sure. Right now I'm just refurbishing already built drums for people. How'd you know about my woodworking?
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    Arizona Drummer Thread

    There you are again. Still like your style. Thanks. BTW, where's your studio? it's nice.
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    I can’t hear the song start on the upbeat.

    Try Q tips with the cotton side soaked in hydrogen peroxide.
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    Floor tom sustain reduction hack worked

    Pipe cleaners in the shape of question marks.
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    Noble & Cooley's new Union Series using Tulipwood. WOW!

    John Good wants to make drums out of everything. Walnut shells are next, Really. The shells from walnuts. Corn cob staves. Grapevines, so as he says "It'll bring the song to life. Heard it through the grapevine."
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    Ajax by Boosey & Hawkes......

    Yes they did.
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    Drum solo in my car.

    You have way too much time on your hands. I'm not talking about drumming. Locke her up and go shopping with the family.
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    My drum cave

    Okay.....uh.....I'm that's your porch? have drums on your.....uh....porch....and....there's one that don't have a tape measure to....uh....see how tall it is....and uh....gimme a minute....oh yeah there's a....mosquito on one of the uh....bass drums or something...
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    A new musical find!

    Not sure I can relate to the music. I do however enjoy the expansion of musical thought and innovative presentation. There is a chemistry and sincerity to what they do and I thank you for the opportunity to explore new music.