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    Which kit really sounds like THIS ?

    A friend's band did a record at the Powerstation in NYC in the early 90's. The drums had massive room tone; I asked what processing they used. Turns out they had mics placed at the ceiling. So yeah, BIG room. Low tuning. Hit hard. Gate accordingly.
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    Expand my horizons

    LOVE Big Beats! Less bright, with a great wash. Different sticks/tips bring out different overtones. I use a combo of red label 2002's and BB's.
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    The 12-year old me's dream kit (Tama/Paiste)

    Eagle-eyes will note: when using 2up, I swap the tom mounts from stock to a later 80's era Omni-Lock with a ton more adjustability.
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    The 12-year old me's dream kit (Tama/Paiste)

    Thanks for the kind words! Just got into a new spot for practice, first time being able to set my kit up in a couple months. Decided to mess around with 2up/2down again, and pull the 14" hats out. Of course my OCD is bugging me to change the lugs on my 13" rack. I'm telling myself to wait...
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    The 12-year old me's dream kit (Tama/Paiste)

    Hi all! I'm John, 47, from Detroit. Started on drums and guitar as a little kid, around 5. At some point, Dad steered me more towards guitar (likely because it has a volume knob!), and for 20 years that was my primary focus. Played in some semi-successful bands and toured most of the civilized...
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    How many rides and hi hat pairs do you have?

    All Paiste Hats: 14" 2002 red label mediums, regular bottom (early 80's) 15" 2002 Big Beat Rides (includes multi's): 20" Signature Dry Ride 20" 2002 Big Beat 22" 2002 Big Beat My regular gigging/practice setup is black label Big Beat 15" hats/20"/22" (my default ride), with a 20" 2002 red...
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    Tama Dyna-Sync reviews?

    I have a single. It replaced a first-generation Iron Cobra Roller Glide, which is a slightly updated version of my fave pedal BITD, a Tama Camco. I have to say, this is the coolest pedal I've ever played! I really appreciate all the adjustability. I have the cam adjustment set for 1:1 ala...
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    New Orleans Style Drumming

    I was given a handful of songs to learn for a guitar trio, and this was the first tune I had to learn (having just got back into drums a year and a half ago, after a 20-something year hiatus, and buying my first kit since high school!) I had never attempted this kind of feel, and the guitarist...