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    How did the New Breed affect your playing?

    I wore out my first issue where I had the notes. I bought the same book again, but not too many notes in that one. I don't think there is a set way for that. Technically you could stay on one system and redo the reading pages again and again until you reach a goal tempo. I believe I ran through...
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    How did the New Breed affect your playing?

    I have been through New Breed a few times in the past (not all the advanced systems though). I can tell you that if you find New Breed challenging, don't buy Minnemanns book "Extreme Interdependence". Just the warm-up exercises in that one will take a month.
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    What is Hip

    Thanks! I use snareweight. Many use their brass block on the snare, but I prefer the leather pieces with magnets that I just put on the rim of each drum. Perfect gating without altering the sound.
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    INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

    Real name Rickard Age 41 How long have you been playing About 25 years Origin of user name Mashup of my two first names Your top 5 drummers Really? Weckl, Colaiuta, Harrison, Garibaldi, Minnemann Make of drumkit Premier Genista (x2), Gretsch Renown (x2), Yamaha DTX900 Make of cymbal...
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    What is Hip

    Normally busy with recording other stuff, but since I got a DSLR and rigged new OH, I figured it was time to cover some covers just to get it out of the way. Porcaro, Bonham and now Garibaldi. Next up Portnoy, Peart, Weckl and probably some Colaiuta.
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    Poll: What kind of drummer are you?

    Funk/latin/fusion and progrock – since those four are represented in the three bands I am involved in. But I would consider myself progfunk (Garibaldi meets Cozy P. over at G. Harrison).
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    Cakewalk electronic drum help pls

    Two things: 1) Your picture shows REAPER. But you mention Cakewalk? I have done e-drums in Cakewalk/SONAR for 15 years. 2) REAPER's only downside so far is that they are yet to implement proper drum notation. Well-known sore thumb.
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    "Pad Book"

    I like Anika, quintuplets and undecuplets as much as anyone. In my library I have (amongst many others of course) Chaffee´s Pattern series, Stick Control, Syncopation, Master Studies and Colaiuta's The Unreel book. Would the pad book add something that I don't already have access to in the other...
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    Heel Toe for fast double bass -- Spring Tension and Head Tuning questions

    I wish that all these double pedal instructional videos could be performed BAREFOOT. Or at least with only socks. Shoes on defeats the whole purpose of any form of tutorial.
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    Beginning to use groups of five for stickings

    Not to mention 11 and 13:cool: Every possible grouping in every subdivision ... in every possible sticking, feeting, orchestration and dynamic level.
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    Can’t play heel up double bass anymore

    Maybe pointing out the obvious regarding posture, or missing something, but assuming you are sitting with your thighs resting on the seat as well, in order for just the lower leg to move (i.e. ankles)? Ass quite far back. Else that is crucial.
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    Beyond Bop Drumming - example explanation wanted (legend)

    Indeed! Glad you found the thread, and hope you also were helped by the reply.
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    Beyond Bop Drumming - example explanation wanted (legend)

    Hi John, Many thanks for clarifying this. You obviously are the right person to explain. This helped: "The hihat stays open until it's next notated action. In line 8 the left hand strikes the open hihat after the foot splashes the hihat." As a side note, I was over @ Jonas Hellborg a while ago...
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    Gap Metronome

    Just use the Tempo app with a gap programmed in. Works perfectly. I also have Tempo Advance for those times one needs to listen to 19 over 13, but I don't do any gaps there.
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    Benny Greb - Effective Practicing

    Fan of Benny, but there are many practice books out there. One that I liked was Heaney's "First, Learn to Practice":