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    Gretsch Renown - Issue with 20" Bass Drum

    Since I use a riser with a wide-ish horizontal plate I can clamp the pedal a bit more to the left of the center, where I'd be forced to clamp it if I was attaching it to the hoop.
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    Gretsch Renown - Issue with 20" Bass Drum

    Because most people won't use a riser with their 20" bass drums, and because it saves them money. I'm currently using a few books to raise my current bass drum, and I'm modifying one of those cheap-ish supports that are sold under a lot of names, including gibraltar and millenium to allow them...
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    Muddy recordings, is it the mikes?

    This could be caused by a number of things, including but not limited to the microphones used, their placement relative to the drums, the heads, the tuning, the room you're recording in, your technique (are you consistently hitting the drums dead center?) and possibly even the drums themselves...
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    PDP Concept Maple vs. Sonor SQ2

    I hear quite a difference, in the bass drums especially, though every SQ2 piece sounds more resonant compared to the more thuddy PDP. Whether that's due to the drums' quality, their heads, tunings, recording methods... I couldn't say, though if price wasn't an object I'd go with the SQ2 for...
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    Drum kit identification

    Looks like a Premiere APK,the finish is a wrap, yes? Or, if I'm wrong and the finish is painted/satin/not-a-wrap then it's an XPK.
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    For anyone curious about the PDP Concept Maple Bop's potential

    The playing could be improved, so to speak, note what happens around 0:37, 1:22, 2:01, 2:06, 2:45, 3:21, how the left foot is mostly always still when playing more intricate/choppy parts. Then again, those things I pointed out don't take anything much away from the demo and as you said the point...
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    For anyone curious about the PDP Concept Maple Bop's potential

    Stop burying the beater into the bass drum head pleaseeee! I think the demos are very convenient and they seem to represent the drums' sound in a fair and realistic fashion, the playing and tunings are very much in line with the channel name, though it sounds like you're (Gabriel is, I'm not...
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    Noise reducing headphones - recommendation needed

    I'd go with IEMs, or, whatever pair of earphones with a good ear seal, KZ has a few cheap ones that sound good for the price, and then you can invest in some foam eartips which help a lot with isolation compared to the usual single flange thin-ish rubber tips, or you can spend a bit less and...
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    Quick comes from practicing stuff slowly and then bringing it up to speed, nothing more or less. To play fast(ish) 16ths with one hand you might need to work on how you make the stick rebound, the drummer in your video holds the right stick pretty far back and mostly uses is(her???) wrist which...
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    Which has more bottom?

    I'd tend to agree with Andy, if the heads are tuned properly an unported reso head will sound deeper/have a bit more bottom end.
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    Single microphone or EAD10?

    You could get (much) more realistic/versatile/professional results with a proper recording setup, but that would require getting a number of mics, stands, cables, a recording interface and a computer with a recording software running on it. A single mic wouldn't offer you many possibilities and...
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    Earthworks Mics. Good stuff!!!

    The TC20 isn't a "snare mic" there, rather it's another "whole drumset" mic. A snare mic would be used to capture only, or mostly, the snare sound, so a (super/hyper)cardioid mic close to the snare, while the TC20 is an omnidirectional mic, which, among other things doesn't exhibit proximity...
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    Is it me or is this totaly incredible....

    I don't know if I'd say "totally incredible", it's a solid groove though, as you'd expect from a pro drummer. To make these type of groove sound well consistency is key, more so than the dynamics imo, to get there add some (more) four on the floor + backbeat on the snare + 8ths on the hats...
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    If you can have only have hi hats/crash/ride...

    If I could only have three cymbals versatility would be paramount, so I'd go for the following: Paiste 21" Sig DE mkii ride Paiste 18" Sig fast crash Paiste 14" Sig medium hats This is also not much different from the setup I use for my main "versatile" setup.