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    Meinl Byzance dark hi hat problem.

    I have a pair of Meinl Byzance 15" dark hi hats and they just don't sit level in the stand or in the clutch. as the cymbals rotate they always sit at a different angle. must be a hole location issue or bell shape. my first top cymbal you could actually see the hole was off center. they sound...
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    Paiste Giant Beat guys!

    custom ordered 16"GB hi hats. I wish I never clicked on this video. I may not sleep 2nite!
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    Atlas mount: good and bad!

    I have a Ludwig Legacy Classic with a 26, 14, 16, 18 setup. I added the atlas arch to the bass drum and it great. perfect positioning for the 14x10 rack tom over a 26x14 bass drum, love it! the 14x10 has the atlas mount in place of one of the top lugs and it kills the sound of the drum, just...
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    Rogers Powertone snare ?

    i just picked up a Rogers Powertone snare on a Craigslist deal. its a 14"x5" 8 lug. i was told its chrome over brass? the badge looks like the 1961-68/69 style. the condition is very good. chrome is very nice. all hardware looks original (throw,butt, muffle,ect...) also has a Rogers sticker on...
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    Aquarian texture coated WOW!

    after 30 years playing drums, i just tried my first Aquarian drumheads. i tried the texture coated on the batter side of my 14"16" and "18 Ludwig Legacy Classic and they sound great, tune up very easy. to be honest i put them on late at nite, finger tight then a 1/4 plus another maybe 1/8 turn...
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    Gibraltar bass drum cymbal mount?

    anyone know if the Gibraltar bass drum cymbal mount p/n SC-GBDCA has a gear/tooth less tilter or not?
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    14"x26" Ludwig Legacy Classic bass drum - help w/ head/patch choice

    i have my 14"x26" luddy legacy classic set up with a remo clear ps3 batter and a smooth white ambassador. the batter is just above wrinkle and the reso is a quater to half above that. it sounded great, was very pleased until i put on the evans black eq nylon patch. it made a huge difference...
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    my Ludwig Legacy Classic kit

    i picked this kit up at a local Guitar Center. its a used Legacy Zep set. 14x10, 16x16, 18x16 and 26x14 green sparkle. this is a kit i've allways wanted, just never planned to spend the money. well, when this kit turned up used for a realy good price, i pulled the trigger so to speak. i added...
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    26"x14" Legacy Classic bass drum tuning?

    i picked up a use Ludwig Legacy Classic Zep set 14"16"18" and 14"x26" bass drum. question is, i tying to get a Bonham-ish type of sound. i have a remo emporer batter and a smooth white ambassador reso. i removed the felt strip and its now wide open-no muffling. i dont want to pitch it up like a...
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    help 26" basa drum players

    just want to if you try to strike the drum in the center with a longer beater, or just below center with a standard beater. and yes the thread should have said 26" (bass not basa) drum players.
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    got my LM402 Supra.

    being that i just dropped some coin on a LB417 14x6 1/2 Black Beauty, i had no intensions of buying anything else at all. that lasted till i stopped by the local Guitar Center for some Remo Ambassadors for the BB that had'nt arived yet. on my way out of the drum department i noticed something...
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    Dunnet R4-L throw off

    i called Dunnet last week about the R4-L throw for Ludwig beaded shell snares (Supra/Black Beauty). talked to Ron, he said the throw should hit the stores summer 2012. the hold up is actually not the throw, but the first batch had issues fitting the drums, seems that the hole pattern for the...
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    Pearl sensitone elite review

    i was looking for an affordable metal/steel snare to add to my little collection. back in the day i allways had good luck getting a good sound out of my 14x6 1/2 export snare. i did a little online shopping and came up with a Pearl Sensitone Elite 14x6 1/2 steel snare on to my door...
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    Black Beauty out of round 1/8"

    so i just got my LB417T the other day,first thing i noticed when i opened the box is that the head is closer to the hoop on 2 side across from each other and more of a gap on the opposite sides. i measured the hoop on the drum first and it was out by an 1/8". when i took the head off and measure...
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    black beauty question

    does a new black beauty have 2.3 or 1.6 hoops? also, do the new bb still have the rubber gaskets under the imperial lugs?