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    Just One

    This thread isn't really anything special, I just want to hear from you all. If you had just one drummer to listen to for the rest of your life, who would it be? You wouldn't be able to listen to anyone else but who you choose. Pick just one drummer.
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    Problem with Pro-Mark

    I'd like to start off by saying Pro-Mark is my favorite brand of sticks and the 2B model is perfect for me. They have the most pure, organic, comfortable feel of any stick I've used - and I've tried a lot. I was recently blessed with a brick in the 2B model and was very excited, though my...
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    Where do you play?

    As a working musician, I am always excited about what to play next. Out of curiosity, I want to see where you all play. Is it at Church? Cruise ships? Other artists? Share it! I'll start. I play at a music/comedy theater that, musically, covers tunes from the 50's to the present. I got the gig...
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    Steve Houghton's The Drummer's Guide to Reading Drum Charts

    This book by Steve Houghton looks extremely helpful. I am looking into it and am curious as to what you guys think of it. Have you been through it? Did it help you? Here is the link to it: Thank you!
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    Practicing With Different Sized Sticks?

    I've thought about this a lot, but haven't really come to a conclusion. I've heard a few different opinions about it, as well. What do you think about practicing with heavier sticks? Say we're just doing rudiments on the pad. Would it be beneficial for you to practice with Corps marching sticks...
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    Regal Tip

    Woah, this stick is awesome. It has a greater grip than any brand out there. I noticed that underneath, on the butt end of the stick, there is a black dot. I'm thinking it is a small piece of rubber for anti-vibration purposes. Is that what it is? Thank you.
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    Best Music School

    I've recently been looking into music schools to further my education at my craft. I've looked at Berklee, Musicians Institute, Atlanta Institute of Music, Cleveland Institute of Music, Drummers Collective, Juilliard, etc. Out of these (or any that I didn't mention), which would you say, or...