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    Yamaha Crosstown Lightweight Hardware

    I think the fact that they scratch easily, and need to be put in their protective sleeves after each use to protect further scratching (assuming you use the included bag) may be a bigger problem.
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    Yamaha Crosstown Lightweight Hardware

    Is the hi hat only an issue if the cymbals are large (more than 14”) or heavy? I’d like to get the whole set - I don’t use a double pedal or a boom stand. But if the hi hat keeps sinking, it’s a no go.
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    First gig back since the COVID shutdown and then......

    I’m in NJ and just got the word an indoor, music rehearsal studio is opening June 1. Seems WAY too early for that. Wonder whether that’s even legal under our current rules here.
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    Bands with the drummer as bandleader

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    Who’s Old?

    Happy B-Day!
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    Has Covid ended my career?

    I’m 51 and healthy. But I’m also a husband and father, and potentially getting a deadly virus scares me. It sucks but I probably won’t play any indoor gigs - at least anytime soon.
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    Thoughts on Phil Collins

    Love, love, love Phil Collins. Solo, with Genesis, etc. One of my all time faves.
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    How's everyone holding up?

    Lucky enough to be working from home here in NJ. Wife was laid off, which doesn’t help financially. Neither does all the missed paying gigs, which I’m sure will continue through the summer. I think they’ll start slowly re-opening here, especially since the Jersey shore relies totally on tourists...
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    Something Isnt Right

    Holy crap. Has to be a scam.
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    Where do you fit in??

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    Drum shields for virus protection?

    Just wondering if anyone is considering buying or using a drum shield to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Certainly seems like it would prevent direct contact with people, and perhaps some prevention of virus particles in the air. Any thoughts? Anyone out there use one now, and if so...
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    I don’t get it. I like making music too much, with other people at the same time, to be bored. A song can be boring, but playing a song? No. Not for me.
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    Church drummers Pay

    They pay the musicians in both churches I play. We have both rehearsals and services. One is an African-American Catholic Church where I’m the only white person (lots of loud, fun music) and the other is a mostly white Methodist church (acoustic stuff with a cajon). They don’t pay the choir though.