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    Dumb High-Hat Question

    I tried the Quick Beats and thought I would love them but I don’t hear a big difference between them and my Armand 14” hi hats. So I may return the QBs.
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    Paiste Giant Beat edge dents

    Bringing this thread back to life because I just cracked a Paiste Giant Beat Thin Crash. I’m trading in or selling my other Paistes before they crack or chip too.
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    Pet peeve regarding drum sizes.

    I love my 12x7 rack tom and 14x9 floor tom on my Tama Starclassic Neo Mod. Who needs deep toms when shallow ones sound so good?
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    When's the right time to play with other musicians?

    I felt the same way when I started playing drums a couple of years ago - at the age of 49. Went to lessons for 6 months, then reached out to join a band on Craigslist. Now I’m in 2 bands, have played gigs in multiple venues and 3 different churches. Go for it. You’re probably better than a lot...
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    Cymbal blending

    I just found a small crack in my Paiste Giant Beat 18” thin crash. Not sure they break so easily and I’m not a hard hitter, but there you are. So I’m thinking about replacing it with something from another brand. Maybe try Zildjians? Should I try to find something that matches the Giant Beat...
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    Tama Superstar Classic Neo Mod

    Well after my rant on bop kits, I pulled the trigger and got the Tama Neo Mod kit. It’s everything for me that the Yamaha Stage Custom Bop kit wasn’t. It’s shallower bass drum takes up less space. It’s shallower toms are lighter. I don’t need to get or worry about a riser with the 20” bass. It’s...
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    Wonky drum sizes that'll make resale difficult...

    I see nothing wrong with those toms. I’ll pass on the bass drums.
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    Are bop kits worth it?

    I did more than that - I got rid of the bop kit. No more 18” bass drums. Never again.
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    Are remote hi hats/aux hats worth it?

    I’ve decided against the remote hi hat based on my own recent experiences and reading various posts on this, and other, forums. I may purchase an aux hat at some point, but will work on improving my technique for now.
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    When can you call yourself a drummer?

    Ha! I like this. I prefer to be a known as “the drummer” in my band, as opposed to “a drummer”.
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    Promark Changes

    I like the new website. Easier to navigate and find stuff. What I don’t like is that they’re pushing the activegrip and firegrain drumsticks, and eliminating certain models. Like the 5a rebound select .550 size model, for one.
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    DW 9502LB remote hats

    I’d like to see people talk about this too. I may be getting one soon.
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    Pics of the new kit

    Beautiful, beautiful kit! Enjoy!
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    A fun acquisition!

    Drummerworld Forum - “Bop kits are worth it!” Bo - “Hold my beer....” ?