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    Anyone Mismatch Hi Hats?

    I'm using a 14" Constantinople Bottom as top, and a 14" A Rock Bottom as bottom. Able to get the click sound of the K with the throatier sound of the heavier A.
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    My cymbal storage

    If space is available, this is what I did..
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    Jazz Cymbal set up

    I've been using these on my sets. 1 lighter Dream and 1 heavier K. The cymbals are anything from a splash, bell, crash, light or heavy ride.
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    Jazz Cymbal set up

    In my opinion, look for versatile cymbals, ones you can get many different sounds from. Then practice with their dynamic.
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    Re-applying classic Z logo to 80's LPR

    Hi All, I was fortunate enough to acquire a late 80's Z Light Power Ride in great shape (something I've wanted for 30 years). The large Z logo is completely gone. I've been trying to figure out the best way to put this back on. I found the Z logo on Google images, printed it out and tried to...
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    23K Sweet Ride

    Hi All, Bought this about six months ago. Have to hand it to Zildjian here, this is a fantastic instrument. From a whisper to a roar, it does not lose stick definition and is able to perform at all levels of play. Primarily a rock drummer, I've played funk, blues and even some jazz with this...
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    Need help tuning a DW Collectors bass drum

    Hi All, I have a DW Collectors 18*22 bass drum, circa 1995, that I cannot seem to get the sound I'm looking for out of it. Right now I have a solid logo front head, and a DW Coated/Clear Bass Drumhead on the batter side. I've tried a number of combination. Before this batter head, I tried...
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    New racks and cymbal wall

    Hi friends, After 30+ years of sawing, drilling, tapping and shimming, I finally bought some nice hardware. These racks could hold an elephant! I also built a framework on the wall for hanging my cymbal collection. I have some mahogany frames I'll be putting on this weekend.. Happy drumming...
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    Recent shot of the Renown.

    Hi All, When I realised I could afford another kit, I bought this floor model. Worth the $. Drum off! J
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    Hey friends! Latest setup...

    Hey friends! Latest setup...
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    New Dream Dark Matter Flat Earth Ride

    Hi All, Just got this fella. I love the look and the sound of this, as close to the sound I have in my head for the ultimate ride. Unfortunately, it is not very dynamic, perhaps due to the tiny bell? You can crash on it, but no matter where you ride on it sounds the same. Debating on...
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    Finally bought a new set!

    Years of maintaining old equipment are over! Finally able to do this! Happy drumming all!!
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    Santa brought 27" Wuhan!!!

    Very pleased! A couple pics of both my sets... Happy Holidays!!!
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    My jam out kit with fresh new heads :-)

    The drums are IGNITER...only know of them cause I bought this set for $200 15 years first drum inspiration played on a black 5 piece. I have a main set, but I have been in love this one since the new heads. Have a good one! Just saying hello.
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    Next Ride Purchase

    Hi All, I am a ride fanatic! I'm always looking for a great cymbal. I play with three or four rides and a couple large china cymbals capable of riding on. My current primary ride is a Sabian Vault Artisian 22" Medium Traditional. This cymbal is like a harp. The issue for me is the bell is...