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    Does your fingernail length affect your play?

    This might seem strange, maybe right up Larry's alley, but I swear I play better with about 1/16th of an inch of the "white" part there, as opposed to freshly cut, with no white part left. The only thing I can think of is that there is more support for my fingertips when the nail is there, and...
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    Broken Rib Cartilage...

    It's very painful just to breathe, let alone play drums...and I have a gig this Saturday for a charity (Autism). We committed to this in January, and it's too late to back out, and I have no sub. The band won't play with a sub anyway. So....I gotta suck it up and do this show. It's high energy...
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    Sorry Guys, Cindy is taken...

    Carlos Santana and Cindy Blackman are married! I guess Dennis Chambers is out of a job now...
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    Stuart Cable R.I.P.

    Stuart Cable, who died yesterday aged 40, was for 11 years the drummer for Stereophonics, the most successful Welsh band of their generation; after winning a Brit award in 1998 for best new act they went on to headline at Glastonbury and record hits including Local Boy in the Photograph, The...
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    No rebound on my snare!

    In all my years, I have never had this happen. Even though the batter head is tuned plywood tight, I get no rebound. It's like the head is absorbing the energy of the stroke, and the stick won't bounce! How is this possible? The drum sounds great, but almost zero rebound. Any thoughts?
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    I think this is brilliant!

    In light of some of the recent Beatles threads, if you have not seen this, you should. A Beatles parody that still makes me smile! Outstanding!
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    My new Trick drums

    My new Trick kit. Awesome beyond words. Simply the most amazing kit I've ever owned.
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    Electronic/Acoustic Kit

    Anyone see the new Pearl electronic kit with full wood shells? Musicians Friend was advertising it already. It was just introduced at NAMM. I am curious if it is just an acoustic kit with built in triggers and a brain or what? The cymbals look like some sort of hybrid too.
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    Allen Shellenberger dies at 39; drummer for Lit

    Allen Shellenberger, the drummer for the multi-platinum-selling Orange County rock band Lit, has died. He was 39. Shellenberger died of brain cancer Thursday at his mother's home in Artesia, said Ken Phillips, the band's publicist. Shellenberger was diagnosed with malignant glioma in May 2008...
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    I need a drum transcription...

    ...of the Alien Ant Farm version of Smooth Criminal. If any one has one. Don't go out of your way to make one, just if you have one handy, could you post, or link to it please? Thanks kids! -Jeff
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    1920s Ludwig Kit!?

    Hey all- check this out. I saw it on craigslist! Enjoy!