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    dying to be heard..

    I need to do something. Granted my hearing has deteriorated some, but I can still play. I wear a hearing aid in the real world, watch tv with close captioning, yep, it's just about gone. I've had a good few years playing for schools, but no school clinics in the foreseeable future, I'm in my 60s...
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    melodic drumming, can you dig it?

    This is a brief clip from a clinic airing on local tv. Playing recognizable tunes on the drum set, if you are thinking melodic,, this is it. No one else in the world does this. Yes there are better drummers, hot licks, fast chops, famous names, but no one else in the world does this.Did I say...
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    Clinic on local TV

    A clinic I did this Spring is scheduled to appear on local TV this August. Two videographers (both drummers) shot me doing a school clinic and arranged for it to appear locally. The viewing area is only about 60,000 people, so if a couple hundred people notice that is okay.With what I do (sample...
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    Updated version of Amazing Grace as a melodic drum solo

    enjoy and share..
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    Chopsticks/OnBroadway?Downtown Melodic Drumming

    Got some chops, got some sticks, what you got?
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    All time favorite albums (CDs)

    Following up on a facebook thread, here is the top 15 of my all-time and most influential albums/CDs. 1. Beatles-Abbey Road 2. Beatles-White album 3. Who-Tommy 4. James Taylor-Fire and Rain 5. Carole King-Tapestry (notice my soft sensitive side coming out?) 6. Iron...
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    tequila- warning,,melodic drumming- good overheads..

    Here is my drum solo of Tequila, performed at the harmony central drum forum jam. Three cameras including a floating overhead, think you might like this one...
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    rippin DVDs to the computer.

    I'm an old computer illiterate drummer. I have a couple of DVDs of my drumming, would like to rip them off the dvd so I can put out a small section as a youtube video. I have windows vista,( I know), and can rip CDs but not DVDs. I also have Kodak movie maker so I could cut the video to what...
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    Classical Drummng as a solo

    I figured since the vadrum thread was here I'd stick this one on. It's what I'm working on now, not quite ready, I'll do a new video in a week or 2 that should sound better.. The hard part is playing basically 2 melodies at once, then run an opposite...
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    Really, Really nervous...

    I've done just under 40 school and music store clinics in my life. (I'm talking separately cause I usually do 3 a day when I do schools). They usually last just under an hour and I usually talk for about a third of the time. I've also done a few solos at conventions (good money by the way), but...
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    Christmas Music Drum Solo

    We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Jingle Bells performed on drums only. Probably the only thing interesting is the end of Jingle Bells where there is 16ths on bass, 8ths on hihat, snare on 2 and 4 and the melody happening simultaneously. This is one to share with...
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    What am I doing wrong? I post a video on Your Place, get zero responses. I am doing something on a drumset never done before (okay, I know Akira has some melodic stuff, but he uses electronics to get it done, I use nothing but real drums). I know this particular gig was just a middle school...
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    Star Wars-school clinic

    Simple version of Star Wars done at a school clinic today. Hey, this is what I do.. If I could make any money as a soloist I would go there..
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    Moondance-melodic solo

    melodic drumming, work in progress so any recommendations taken seriously. I know my "E" drum is flat, didn't notice till I finished recording (crazy noise reduction headphones). This is a good insight though into a practice session of a melodic drummer. cheap camera, no micing...
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    Anyone! Please!

    Post videos/audios of current day non-electronic melodic drumming! Am I the only one? I'm not talking about a bar here or there, playing along to music, I'm talking about really playing a recognizable song on drums... Anyone? Please help me! I don't want to be doing this alone!