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    New Covers!

    Hey all! I've started posting new drum covers. Here's one I just posted for Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy". Thanks for taking the time to check it out! Means a lot! I plan to post a lot this summer! It feels good to be back part of the old online drumming community hah. have a good week all...
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    Hi, I'm JimmyK, drummer of HOODIE ALLEN. I'm posting new drum covers!

    Hey all! I always lurk these forums but haven't posted any drumming content in forever! I used to make a lot of drum covers and drum solo videos YEARS ago, but I neglected my channel completely hahaha. Welp, I'm gunna give these inactive and ancient subscribers all the content their heart...
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    I wrote a drumming book!

    Hey everyone! My name's Jimmy Kadesch. I lurk around on these forums a lot, but I wanted to let you know that I finished writing a book! Its called "DRUMMER: Fundamental Concepts, Lessons, and Exercises... For Drummers" It's 96 pages of my favorite drumming knowledge and insights that I've come...
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    New jimmy kadesch drum solo!

    sorry for referring to myself in the 3rd person. Here's a new solo! feedback from anyone is always appreciated! thanks for checking it out!
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    New Solo! "Thunder Beard"

    hello all, long time no post! here's a new solo i made. Thanks for checking it out and giving me any feedback, really appreciated! jimmy
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    New drum solo (havent posted in so long)

    check it out, why not?! thanks for any feedback, i really do appreciate it.
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    drum solo! WOOOOOO

    Hey all, just finished up makin a new drum solo I was workin on, and wanted to share it with you! Thanks for watching and of course for feedback! jimmy
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    3 Bonhan/Zeppelin covers in one!

    I was playing along to Zeppelin all week and thought I'd make a video covering some of my favorite songs - good times bad times, the crunge, and fool in the rain. God, I wish I was alive to see them all play together. My life would be compete haha. Please check it out and thanks for any...
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    Glow in the dark/blacklight drum video!!!

    Check it out! I love those glow in the dark sticks. A company called Hiptrix mjakes them because, I know it will be asked haha. Thanks for any feedback! jimmy
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    new drum solo (rough edition) haha

    hey i know this solo is kinda all over the place, but i'd love feedback from other drummers. Thanks for checkin it out! jimmy
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    NEW COVER! Glow in the dark drumming??

    happy sunday everyone! i got some glow in the dark drumsticks from hiptrix (.com) and made a video with them, and did a bunch of goofy stick tricks. check it out if you feel so inclined! any feedback is apprecionado Thanks jimmy
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    Epic tom sound!

    Hey I covered a new song, and the toms sound epic in the verses. These drums are ridiculous. hahah Please check it out if you're bored and leave a comment or something. I've also got a new website at where ill be posting a bunch of new stuff if anyones interested haha...
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    New Video/Website!

    Hey, just in case any of you are interested, I've got a new website where I'm gunna post tons of drumming and musical content. I'll continue to post everywhere, but that's probably the hub. Just trying to give my part to the drumming community! If you guys have any suggestions to how to improve...
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    landscaping is finally over for the season, so i had time to make another solo... i hope you enjoy!!! sorry i've been away for a while... gotta make that money somehow :/ thanks for watching! jimmyk
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    head over to my youtube channel and watch "vlog 2" to enter for a chance to win a free $300 ludwig snare drum. entry closes tomorrow, but submissions tomorrow are ok!! sorry if this is miscategorized I just thought i know most of the people on this topic anyways! Jimmyk...