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    nervous about the first drum lesson

    Firstly none of those first "teachers" were teachers at all they were stupid inadequate bullies. You now know what to look for....find someone, give him 30 mins, any more of that shit, walk.
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    Will there be a next kind of music?

    My local carnival drum parade is increasing in size year on year....nothing will ever replace the need to bash something.
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    Is counting in during songs unprofessional?

    Last band I played with they all wanted me to count them in on every tune ...even a tune with a delicate finger picking extended intro which of course sounded it made me feel very uncomfortable that none of them were confident enought to just start a tune....and they'd all...
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    Are you using a backrest?

    Just watched a massive U2 out door show, drummer uses what looks like a basic office operators chair with large back rest.
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    Rock Beato’s Top 20 Drum Grooves of all-time

    Keith Carlock @ 1.10 Up there with everything Ive ever heard by anyone.
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    Are you using a backrest?

    Re Phil Collins. I dont think leaning forward into high cymbals and drums which just seemed to high and far away helped either. I real lesson for us all. I'm middle age and had some health issues . I now use a cut down small black table chair with a dead straight back...gets a few laughs but who...
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    Drumming Gloves are useless

    Thirty bucks?..way too much.. I use sticky nitrile builders gloves with the tips cut off....0.90$ fine.
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    Finally! My First Final Phil Collins tribute kit

    Just make sure you dont play it like Phil and end up with the serious back trouble he now has to put up with.
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    Why are my drumsticks getting chewed so fast

    Set ur hi hat screw on ur side it tucks the lower cymbal under the top one...looses that sharp edge.
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    Zildjian or Paiste?

    Good hats r a must. Used New Beats will get u where you ned to be, Y?. The hats per beat are the most played instrument in ur kit.
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    Motown fans

    Looks like a set up for the film...still, always great to see real footage of the A team....Strangely theres no Philly Soul studio footage anywhere,....pity.
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    Getting back in the game...

    And dont forget top flight cymbals will make any cruddy kit sound much better.
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    Scaling down your kit. Experiences and thoughts?

    I hate lugging drums but I appreciate that the audience actually like to see a proper drum kit on the stage. having said that unless you spend the show playing fill after fill the audience don't really care about ur setup, all they really want is a tight groove with the odd pertinent fill.
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    Why the hate? (Lars Ulrich)

    Careful.... This whole issue feeds into what is the drummer for. Do the Stones need a "great" technical drummer? of course not, same with AC DC. The Lars thing? I bet 95% of the audience don't even notice.
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    Rick Beato: Modern Music's Death by Auto-Tune

    Umm I couldn't begin to create what the likes of Mozart, The Beatles, et el great music is hard but anyone can throw three chords together and most of the time it sounds like crap ie most of what I hear today yeah great music is hard and can only be written by those with a...