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    I am having problems playing in front of people got any tips to help

    Try telling that to orchestral players at the top of their game...years of practise and study, every bar note perfect....but I bet some still get nervous.
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    I am having problems playing in front of people got any tips to help

    Yep, competence breeds confidence. There's no way around it really.
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    Ever had a band you just couldn't like

    Looks like I'm up for a ban too........Prince!. Well you asked. I'm the funkiest soulful dude your ever gonna meet but I dunno his stuff all sounds like poorly written nursery rhymes to me and peeps compare him to Stevie Wonder, Philly Soul etc etc. I just do not get it......s'ok, I'll...
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    Go easy on the floor toms dudes!

    Ha..the the old low mid range huh. I'm an x bassist and floor toms are the drummers equivalent of the P bass....know exactly what u mean.
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    My favorite sticks

    I practise a lot with low volume cymbals which seem to destroy sticks so its Nova 5A's for the moment...I've got a pair of old heavy sticks, 5A thickness which are just perfect but I don't use much for fear of wearing them out.
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    PST7 Hats

    My cymbals are all 505's and I'd been looking for 505 hi hats but they are getting way too expensive now....reckon these 7's will do for a while.
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    Join A Sub Par Band Just To Get Back Out There?

    I'm in a similiar situation as a drummer but been there many times as a bassist. What really gets me is they send out a load of tunes and I learn them cause I love playing drums. Get to rehearsal and it doesn't take me long to realise that they haven't learned half the tunes properly.....its so...
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    Getting a Broadkaster pretty soon. You can help me deceide on the finish.

    Well I dig the whole Charlie Watts yes the first one but we all like different things which is good.
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    PST7 Hats

    I was sceptical at first, even with all the positive reviews and bought them online without hearing them. No doubt the 602's and 2002's are better but in a noisy band setting they seem to cut through quite well, though not sure Id pay the full asking price for a new set.
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    PST7 Hats

    Just found a pair of heavy hi-hats for $45! Cant remember the last time I scored a bargain on anything. They sound pretty crispy, even the band noticed.
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    What drumming advice would you give to a younger you?

    Don't listen to mom complaining about the noise. So I played bass for 45 yrs and picked up the drums last yr...way more fun.
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    must know drum songs

    And for a bit of contrast, how bout. Angel from Montgomery...very slow, masses of space between strikes..not easy, takes a lot of control.
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    end of guitar centre?

    No wonder the Mom Pop stores go under. I too like to be left alone in a big place and just tinker, maybe have a play. Try doing that in a M&P....ull be shown the door after 5 mins.
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    Fun songs and boring songs you’ve had to learn.

    Well in the country rock thing I'm doing at the moment I could play Firecracker and Like A Hurricane, on repeat all nite but "Wagon Wheel", (well done above) makes me want to stick pins in my eyes.
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    18 inch bass drum, why bother?

    Had an 18x16 BD for a while but changed it for a 20x14 which seems a bit better, punchier plus easy to load etc.