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    How to let the audience know the song is over.

    This, plus....stopping together as a well rehearsed band? Try it it might catch on
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    do you prefer classical music(orchestrated) or new age music(rock,jazz,r&b,hip hop/pop,rap,etc.)

    As with any genre if it ain't got no melody then I switch off.....There are some great classical melodic pieces and a ton which is just a load of notes stitched together, same as in pop tho I do find myself harking back to the 60's and 70's where melody and not trying to be pointlessly and...
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    Breakdown of this drummer?

    Sfunny to think I can make just as much noise with barely any arm movement....aaah the the exuberance of youth huh?
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    I am rubbish. Online lesson/structured practice recommendations?

    Musicians spend way to long looking at other musicians on YTube showing off lightning fast "chops" etc when what the paying audience really need is a solid groove. I bet a trunk full of monkees that U R not a bad drummer. Can u hold a steady groove?, eights on the hats etc, and a solid bass...
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    If you could go back in a Time Machine, who would you want to see live?

    Early Damned ( I saw them in 78, loud and scary as hell, massive bass tone and The Captain naked and covered in foam?...Way before their time) Pat Travers with Mars Cowling and Tommy Aldridge....amazing power trio Any number of Philly Soul type em all.
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    I'm too loud...aparently

    Highly likely. Guess I need to ascertain from the band exactly which piece is hurting them.
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    I'm too loud...aparently

    Man you have hit the problem on the head....oh and thks all for the constructive replies, appreciate it. But yes its all, 70's/80's chart dance stuff, the usual suspects and darned if its hard just gently tapping the hats and snare at home. Try just tapping to "Rock With You"...its darn near...
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    who is your favorite drummer in the world?

    I would have one if I could find a drummer that can keep it straight without the twiddly bits.....well maybe JR Robinson at a push....James Gadson might do as well.
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    I'm too loud...aparently

    Band I'm with are used to rehearsing with edrums or a drum machine. The studio has a well looked after Tama Star kit and mighty fine it sounds too with its empty bass drum and my New Beat hats etc.....trouble is they are saying Im to loud and the question is what to do? Ive tried playing super...
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    Gear red flag.

    This is a great thread and its jigged my fading memory. Did an auditon a few years ago. I was going thru a bad patch so just had a weird cheap home setup which was OK. Squire P bass with an old Fender bassman valve stack and a Frontman 60 combo daisied for mid yes an odd looking...
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    Gear red flag.

    Now that's weird and not something Ive ever come across before...and dare I even surmize that their opening demos were a load of meaningless tapping up near the pickguard??...haha But yes the scourge of the internet telling us all that gear is the most important thing. Front page news...
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    Thoughts on Phil Collins

    So has Justine Beiber and all the rest of the so called modern talent. Sorry but ur strange post reminded me of a guitarist I worked with once .....and the moment he said to me...."What on earth is the point of Elton John or a group such as ABBA? Needless to say I never saw the guy...
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    When can you call yourself a drummer?

    Its funny, I played bass for 40 years....never the soloist but a rock solid groove master. Began drums three years ago and I can lay down a solid enough beat but I will never be able to do Bonham Triplets around the kit, or BD doubles so will never be able to call myself a drummer....just a...
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    Doing your job !!

    Reminds me as a kid how I immediately understood feel groove and balance as I hit my three cookie tins filled with various quantities of sand for tone, anyway just look how poor they are... Music is the most powerful social glue on the planet....really sweet...just lovely.
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    How bad did I mess up? Restoring vintage tama

    Dampen the area before filling...stops the filler drying out then give the sanded filler a thin coat of any sealer/varnish for the glue to stick to.