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    18 inch bass drum, why bother?

    Haha, bad wording. Only 4 years in undergrad but it felt like 7! Of course now I've started all over again with a Masters program so there's that.
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    18 inch bass drum, why bother?

    It's timely that this thread should come up again. I've used an 18" bass the last 7 or so years since I started college. I was being paid to play in the pit orchestra for all the school's theater performances and needed a small kit. Now I'm playing for the local high school pit band and their...
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    Does the cymbal stand make a difference in the cymbal's sound?

    I would imagine that lighter stands also affect the sound indirectly due to how they can affect they way the stick strikes the cymbal. I notice this with my large jazz rides on a small flat leg stand. A smaller stand will wobble and will provide some "give" when the cymbal is struck. So the...
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    Should I stay or should I go?

    This right here should be a major red flag. A good artist should be welcoming to new ideas and collaborations. If you don't leave this band for musicality reasons, you should be thinking about leaving for reasons of not being in a hostile environment. You'll be so much better off playing with...
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    Annoyed by how people treat gear at music stores.

    This is exactly why online sales have become so popular. I would much rather purchase equipment from the comfort and silence of my home than put up with the terrible conditions at my local GC. Of course like others have said sometimes you can get a great deal because the clerks in the drum...
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    Glockenspiel "damper"?

    In college we kept a large supply of hand towels in the closet for damping purposes. Roll it up tight and place it right on top. Cheap and it worked.
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    It happened to me.

    Thanks for the input! And I should probably clarify, even though I have a house, its less than 1000 sq ft without a basement. I can either have an office or a drum room, not both at once. Priorities I guess!
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    It happened to me.

    Holy crap. It's been a while and life finally happened to me. I stopped playing. I've heard countless stories of folks who stopped playing for several years for some reason or another. I naively scoffed and said to myself, "That'll never happen to me. I've been playing since I was 8...
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    Shagbark Hickory

    Back in the middle of my family's woods there is a beautiful tall shagbark hickory tree. Kind of a unique species of tree. Anyways, I've thought off and on about what kind of drum could come out of a tree like that. I've looked online a little but have not been able to find any drum...
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    Chick Corea advice

    16 bits of advice for musicians in a group.
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    R.I.P. John Glenn

    First American to orbit the Earth, oldest person in space, Senator, fighter pilot, and many things more. July 18, 1921 - Dec. 8, 2016 "Zero G and I feel fine"
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    Messenger Bag suggestions

    Hey folks, I've got an aging black leather messenger bag I picked up at Goodwill a little under 5 years ago for $4.00. With my new job I figure it's time I put more than $10.00 into a new bag. What would you suggest to a salesman looking to upgrade? I would like to stay under the $100 mark...
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    "Peanuts" jazz

    At least that's what I call it. I listen to Spotify while I'm in the office and have taken a liking to what I call "Peanuts" jazz. A la David Benoit and the Vince Guaraldi Trio. Who else would you all recommend that plays this kind of happy jazz?
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    Deeply troubled...

    I'm a fresh out of college graduate. As in I just graduated in April. Last weekend was my University's homecoming. I went and had a good time. Today I found out that 36 tenured professors, 4 from the University's school of Music, will no longer have a job at the end of the school year. Among...
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    Standout features of a genre

    With my new job I get to travel a lot for work. I've got XM radio in the company car and I listen to a lot of music from multiple genres. The more I got to listening the more I came to this realization. I LOVE the sound of the Snare drum in Country music. Now, this is not to say that the Snare...