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    Zildjian ZXT

    I picked up a set of these hats last week to use live where i may be bashing harder than usual. (i dont want to wreck my byzance cymbals in an energy filled moment even though ive only cracked 1 or 2 cymbals in my life) I have to say im pretty impressed. They're 14 inch Solid hats, and to me...
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    Emperors vs G2 for resonants

    I'm thinking about going with a 2 ply this time for the resos on my masters kit. Which product makes a better RESO? Both roughly the same price. Heads on top will be Evans Power Center. I don't use much dampening, just a moon gel here or there. Thanks!
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    Ha...just picked up some ZBT 13" hats.

    $30, For a spare kit (the PDP). Think ill set it up in a rehearsal space so if someone breaks them I'm not totally livid. They actually don't sound all that bad while sounding totally terrible at the same time :-) Kswahhhhh ...*chick*
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    My snares

    Ultratone 14x7" PDP 14x5.5" Birch Yamaha Musashi 13x6.5" Oak Pearl Free Floating 14x8" Maple Pearl Free Floating 14x5.5" Maple
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    Is my drum copper?

    Pearl Ultratone snare made in Japan. I always thought this was odd until I learned that there were chrome over steel snares, and chrome over copper. Is this oxidized metal or is this copper that's coming through? The rest of the inside of the shell :
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    Dilemma : what should I sell?

    So I decided to buy a deep Pearl Free Floater with the intention of selling my shallow one. I ordered it from GC and got it, and to my horror it was in pretty rough shape. Rusted rims, a hex screw on the tube lug snapped off inside the tube lug, and the shell was damaged and pitted. Obviously I...
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    How to get rid of rust on rims?

    Any special product to remove rust spots? Thanks
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    Please help me get tension on my snare wires...

    Got a new pearl free floater today and the hardware is rusted out so I swapped the larger shell onto my old free floater and used longer tension rods. I took the 42 strand and new(er) reso head off the new free floater and placed them on the old free floater. I've got everything good to go but...
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    G1 over Ambassador - am I nuts?

    I use clear heads always and I've noticed a particular favorite sound of mine comes from G1 batters over Remo Ambs on the reso side. Now technically these heads are supposed to be the same, but I don't like ambassadors as batters, nor do I consider the G1s better resos than Ambassadors. So now...
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    Help me choose a maple kit

    Since buying and setting up my PDP's, I have realized I'd rather trade my Pearl BRX's in for a high end maple kit and keep the PDP's for a birch kit. Not that they sound better than my masters, but I want both worlds. So I thought about going with the MMX 4 ply shells, but then I've looked at...
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    Video of new Pacific FS Birch kit

    Just a quick demo before I headed off to work. Not really representative of my best playing, but I polished all of the drums last night and replaced most of the heads, set it up today and was able to fool around a bit. I realize some of the toms have some funky notes going on, I plan to fix that...
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    Why do people treat their drums so badly?

    Most of the used kits I've ordered or picked up are definitely "used", but gently is not in the vocabulary. When I buy a new (to me) kit, first thing I do is strip it down, order new heads, and polish the drums and oil the tension rods. I've seen all kinds of mishaps, and I can't imagine what it...
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    At my local Guitar Center there was a blowout on acoustic drum sets. They had quite a few good bargains there and were liquidating them and making deals left and right to make room for floor space. Anyways I went there and spotted a PDP "FS" Birch kit in black cherry fade. The original price was...
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    Snare wires - question on width

    On my newly acquired PDP set, I noticed the Snare has a broken wire. I would like to replace it with a PureSound 30 strand wires set. Will it fit on the snare? It's an FS Birch snare. I don't want to take the plunge on it unless I know it will for sure fit on the bottom due to the extra width...
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    New Pacific FS Birch kit

    Scored this for $149.99. Cherry kit on left. Feast your eyes!