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    Music Theory & Ear Training Experience?
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    Those who carry on a family musical legacy...

    A couple other came to mind today: the Ludwig family, Cathy Rich singing and keeping Buddy's band going.
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    My New Slingerlands

    Great kit that looks like a lot of fun for the restoration process, then the pride & pleasure of swingin' or rockin' into the night!
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    Those who carry on a family musical legacy...

    While watching a documentary about "The Grapes of Wrath" I watched clips of both Arlo Guthrie and old recordings of Woody Guthrie from the 1930's in it. This got me to thinking about musical torchbearer's. Who else carried down a musical legacy?
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    Steve Smith: Practice on a splash cymbal for touch

    They're difficult to control, they bounce all over the place if not clamped down tightly forcing you to really hone e in on your playing area and giving each stroke it's value. (maybe that's the idea)
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    show off your snare

    14x6 Sonor Prolite maple. These are terrific snares.
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    Yamaha AHM drums, head choices?

    Mid/high tuning. Will probably lean towards a coated head. Haven't tried Aquarian yet, I need to learn about them!
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    Yamaha AHM drums, head choices?

    The new Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple kit arrived with their clear factory heads which sound fine. Punchy, though rather mid-range focused. I'm wanting different heads to play these drums in an acoustic environment with piano, sax etc... Any recommendations for these shells?
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    show off your snare

    It does! Also very crisp and it's extremely sensitive and articulate. I imagine having something to do with the combination of the bearing edges, the stave design of crazy thick walls and and a snare mechanism with very fine threads to dial in the right tension. I've got Remo Renaissance...
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    15" hats

    Enjoyable video to listen to and to watch!
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    Why is “White Marine Pearl” so popular?

    And they're groovy...
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    Kodo drummers play with Blue Man Group

    East meets West for a jam...
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    No Facebook for a week, and I feel better

    I was on FB for years. I logged off of it when computer got upgraded, reset a bunch of security settings, then was informed I'd need to provide supporting documentation such as drivers license or utility bills to get my password back to be able to rest it. This wasn't a government agency...
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    6 Live Performance Tips

    I stumbled across this and if you can ignore the somewhat Expert Village appearance of it, there's some 'meat and potatoes' advice that would serve most people well...
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    How can i understand better Cymbal choice and toms size kick drum size etc?

    Welcome! This forum has a wealth of knowledge and experience ranging from enthusiasts to seasoned professionals. First off... Are you a drummer who is looking to choose/buy gear? Perhaps you already have these and are you looking at how to choose them musically within the context of a song...