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    Muffling a 20" x 16" bassdrum

    What playing environment/style are you wortking in? I ask this because another great player who used a 20x16 was Mel Lewis with his big band.
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    Hierarchy at various manufacturers?

    They are expensive. Are they overpriced? That depends on your own definition of overpriced, and how you determine it.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    A nice dedication...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    A vintage K.C. concert. It's cool to see Robert getting down during his solo in the first ten minutes of this show...
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    Hierarchy at various manufacturers?

    "Prosumer" in Yamaha I'd say Tour Custom. Those are some nice drums. Sonor lists SQ2 as their flagship in the new online catalog then continues on with their current lines.
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    Your Paiste Cymbal Rig

    2 set-ups I've been enjoying are: 14" Twenty series Hats 17" Sig. Full Crash 18" Sig. Dark Enegy Crash 20" 602 Modern Essential Ride 20" Masters Dark-Crisp Ride 22" Sound Creation Dark China 14" Sig Dark- Crisp Hi hats 18" Traditionals Thin Crash 18" Sig. Dark Energy Full Crash 21" Twenty...
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    Bad Drum Photography

    At first I thought thought this was a picture of someone's recyclables to be picked up at the end of their driveway. It's a current advertisement for a Drum set.
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    Vic Firth - Stories Behind The Sleeves

    Thanks for posting this! The recording info by Gavin Harrison was gold.
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    Retiring at the end of the month!

    That's awesome. Congratulations on your new freedom from wage slavery and enjoy the kids!
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    Rick Beato: Modern Music's Death by Auto-Tune

    Thank goodness it's not all doom and gloom. As long as there is an appetite to hear acoustic drums they won't be replaced by a laptop. Unless a marching band on parade has some really long extension cords, or an acoustic jazz trio wants to feature someone with amazing real-time typing skills?
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    Do You Feel a Need for Everything to Match?

    My cymbals are all the same brand-Paiste, drums are the same- Sonor , hardware is a combination of Yamaha and Sonor. Snare drums are various brands. Cases I switched to protection racket AAA a few years ago. Harder to find those in the states since U.K. shutdown though.
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    Really bad TV or Movie fake bands

    This one's pretty strong...
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    Which Tom?

    My drum heads are so old that if I use that Tom Jones photo, the teeth are black and his hair is white.
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    show off your snare

    Ludwig Supraphonic LM402 with 2009 anniversary badge. Actually it's my Son's not mine, but I like it!