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    ... and other drum clichés. Variant on the above, (U2, Beautiful Day) would be XxxXxxXx (Coldplay, Clocks), or "resolving quarter note triplets". Working on new material yesterday, songwriter mentioned he was thinking along the lines of Coldplay for a drum part and I knew what he meant and...
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    Led Zeppelin Bootleg Database.

    For the ultimate fan...
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    Your bands press / promo pics.

    Not so much just you and your band on stage, unless it's stuff you actually use to promote. Let's see 'em. (Thanks for the idea, Andy) Here's Cedar: I'm top right.
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    (not as) Recent (home) studio sessions, audio.

    Got a round of mixes from a session we (Cedar) did a couple months ago, I employed a 4-mic technique to see how it turned out, without having spent anytime mixing, I thought it wasn't a bad representation of the kit and look forward to seeing what some eq and other studio magic will do. Here's...
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    Recent studio sessions, sample audio and vid.

    Couple little clips from a session I did last week, both vids offer room sound from the digi cam as well as a board mix we bounced out at the end of the day. This one starts with room and moves to bounced mix about a minute in. This one does the...
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    Benefit show.

    Played tonight, F-Cancer benefit. Good crowd: Took some video: Both the singer and I have lost people close to us to cancer, felt good to be a part of this event. Become aware of sodium nitrate.
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    Drum Techs

    Inspired by Larry's "Roadies" thread, (in my best Jerry Seinfeld voice...) What's the deal with Drum Techs? The new band is heading into a rather expensive studio next month. I'm used to having all the time in the world to get my drums up to snuff for recordings while in the studio as I...
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    Joined a new band.

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    Would I be crazy to part out my kit?

    I'd love to never part with any musical instrument, but a recent haul of unused stuff from my jam space back to the apartment has me considering otherwise. Part of the considering otherwise is that since I've moved to the 4-piece, I'm sitting on a matching Kick, rack and floor tom that could...
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    Album done, feel free to download.

    Just got back from a few weeks on the road with my gf, upon my return I was handed a mastered copy of the album. This is Cedar's 3rd album, titled "Alternate Endings". We are pressing vinyl and doing a digital downloads, no cd's this time. 11 songs available for free download to the good...
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    More from the new album.

    Hey everyone, more lurking than posting for myself recently; not working actually has me on the internet less... go figure. Still plugging away at mixes for the upcoming album, we are getting really close and have scheduled mastering for the beginning of October, we have been well over a year...
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    Bass drum technique; what am I doing?

    Never really given much thought to what I'm doing, but after reading some of the threads on bass drum technique and not seeing anything much that I could relate with, I became curious - what am I doing? Please excuse the lack of editing the head and...
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    My new toy.

    1985 Dodge Camper Van. The girl and I plan on doing some traveling this summer / fall, but it will also act as a springboard for the duo we will work on whilst traveling and have a pipe dream of it becoming a way to cover the costs of traveling. I may convince my girl to let me take a band...
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    Now we're getting somewhere...

    A track from our 3rd indie album, first mix I've heard that felt was worthy of showing you folks. Was the first recording I've ever done that included a scratch drum track. We recorded live off the floor in our jam space to a click with the other...
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    Ingenious use of hardware.

    A band that practices in my rehearsal space recently got a new drummer. He's a lefty, and usually there are other drummers in before me so I never really get to see his set up, (we all share my old Tama kit). Last night I went to jam with my band and I assume no one had been in the space since...