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    Pearl Session Studio Classic

    Anyone hear about Pearl's new kit? It's has a birch-kapur-birch sandwich shell that's based on the original Pearl Sessions. Can anyone tell me how the original Sessions sound? How versatile they are? I've been looking to make an upgrade and was thinking about the DW performance series, but...
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    Varying Qualities of Maple and Birch

    Hi Everyone, I've searched various posts and read that there are different qualities of birch and maple depending on price. Pro kits will have top quality shells made of North American maple or Hokkaido birch while cheaper lines have lower quality Asian maple or Indonesian birch. Do these...
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    Practice space in Boston

    Hi all, Is anyone here from Boston and know of any practice spaces for drummers around the city? I've checked out some places but they either don't offer enough hours or have a pricey monthly rate that is more geared towards bands. I would appreciate any help.
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    Problem with my heel down technique. Please help.

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum. I'm having bit of trouble with my heel down foot technique. The problem is that no matter what type of pedal I use or what shoe I wear, my foot progressively slides up and eventually hits the chain. I have trouble keeping in that one spot with the best...