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    Anyone going to drop 2k on the Armand 100 Cymbal?

    Not in a million years
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    Problem with heel up double bass

    Do endurance runs at about 2/3 of your top tempo 3-4x weekly Get the runs up to 20-30 mins. Watch your form. if you practice too close to your top speed you will be forcing too much and not training a really clean motion.
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    I know a few female drummers who would be insulted by this thread.
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    Lyrics you just got wrong

    I got your answer right here Larry! Lol
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    Is (insert favorite drummer here) better than (insert alternative well known drummer / icon here) ?

    Of course, you can compare drummers and other musicans. Producers and musical directors do it all the time. Why do certain people get called back? Because they're better than the rest!!! I guarantee that Ash Soan or Abe Laboriel is better than anyone here. There, I just compared drummers, lol...
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    Gripmaster for French Grip?

    Sure thing, there are a few things that you can do. Mike’s exercise is great, also barehanded practice will improve your wrist motion faster than sticks will. (Another Mangini trick)
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    What is your greatest drum related success?

    Toured the world multiple times with different original bands. 3 continents over 20 countries. Had a tour of Eastern Europe postponed by Covid, looks like that might not happen until 2022.
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    Gripmaster for French Grip?

    No, no, no, no,no You need to develop reflexes that can move a light object (the stick) very rapidly though the full range of motion. You must also develop the elasticity of those muscles. They need to be supple. Supple muscles can move fast for a long time without tiring. Resistance training...
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    Bob Moses on NOT listening to your bandmates?

    Most of the comments on this thread actually don’t relate to Bob’s book. i dare any of you to play groups of 7 (external) against a 4/4 groove or song (internal) by listening to the 7. This is what’s he’s talking about. As the musical phrases cross the bar line, one must maintain the original...
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    Treating ceiling in recording space

    The general rule is to treat all corners first (bass trapping) before flat surfaces. That’s the 4 corners but also where walls meet ceiling. That will make the most impact on sound quality. Also realize that thin denim or cloth will only absorb the highs, leaving the room sounding very dull and...
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    Most stable 2 leg hi hat machine

    Hey Larry, I've tried almost everything out there, from the custom to the big manufacturers and the Tama hi hats are at the top of the list. Their hardware is very well thought out, stable and adjustable. Even the plating on the hardware is top notch...
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    Ultimate independence: playing unrelated tempos on different limbs?

    Ok, first off, this is insane lol. But I underlined a point you make in your post for a reason. Every set of tempos (or numbers) have a relationship between then and every pair of looping different tempos will eventually resolve.. The relationship might be 1.56345 to 1 and it might take 114...
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    Bob Moses on NOT listening to your bandmates?

    I first read Drum Wisdom over 30 years ago. His concept of internal hearing changed my life. Dave DiCenso's book Rhythm and Drumming Demystified is a more "western" take on the same concept. It's not really about "not listening" to your bandmates. It's more about making the crucial distinction...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    The hardware does add some weight but I have metal drums that weigh more. i think it will require a 15” dia case due to the outside “rim” But for a tinkerer like myself this is a dream come true. I can experiment with different tunings and head choices incredibly quickly. It can go from a...
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    Great drummers can play it all

    The “artist” mentality is to master a style and become incredibly expressive with it. The “session” mentality is to play many styles convincingly enough to get hired consistently. Musicians need to choose which path is for them. I chose the artist mentality but that’s just me.