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    Are you still happy?

    Happy new year everyone. May you have a prosperous New Year.
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    Are you still happy?

    LOL, the GF will be tired as well after that.
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    Scam alert.

    To think that they use this time for scamming people. They have no mercy :mad:
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    Happy Thanksgiving to those in States.

    Happy Thanksgiving! There will be a huge Thanksgiving here tommorow.
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    Drumming helps me getting rid my boring days

    A good article so far. I read it and it is somehow accurate and well built. (y)
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    We've lost a great saxophonist today

    What a loss. I admired him always and now he's gone, May he live in our memories. Always.
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    You folks tried these sticks?

    Let's break their studio if they do! Are you in?
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    Drumming helps me getting rid my boring days

    No lockdown here but I don't go out that much. I do play drums when I get bored and no problems so far.
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    3 easy steps to improve your drum technique

    It's not long but it is completely understandable, Thanks for posting it dude it helps!
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    Green Onions The Story

    It's like your secret plan worked if this is playing. 😅
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    Best Cover Ever?

    Has anyone watched this drum cover?
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    Up Yours 2020

    Still alive and kickin. The start of this year, well until now, things are crazy. Like, no one knew how crazy this year is going to be, but still got tenfolds to be grateful for.
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    R.I.P ☹️

    Lee Kerslake was a legend. Fantastic drummer and a fantastic guy.
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    Gone Too Soon

    It's been a year, but it feels like just it was yesterday. :(
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    This will end soon. Just trust the process...Stay at home and be vigilant.