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    Rogers Holiday restoration

    Hi all, I recently purchased an old Rogers Holiday kit in semi-rough shape in the hopes of restoring it to a player's kit. My dad used to have this exact kit in this same color when he was a teenager and ended up giving it away to an orphanage since he was moving away for work. He's been talking...
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    My new/used Ludwig Black Beauty Millenium Brass Edition snare drum

    My new/used Ludwig Chrome Over Brass snare drum Hey guys, just picked up this snare drum and I'm absolutely in love with it. I love the looks of it and I love, love, love the sound of it! I keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. It has a few scratches and dings but I couldn't care...
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    Question about vintage Gretsch lugs/back plates

    Hi DW, I need your help again. I purchased a late 50's/early 60's 3-ply Gretsch snare shell recently and now I'm looking for matching double-ended lugs of that era. I've been scouring eBay quite a bit and I've seen some lugs with and without back plates on them. I think the back plates were...
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    Photoshoot of my (very) humble vintage snare drum collection

    I had the day off today and drank way too much coffee so I decided to make use of all this energy by taking pictures of my snare drums. I've been meaning to do this for awhile now but never actually followed through with it. All of them are original except for the snare wires and heads...
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    Periphery drummer Matt Halpern leaves Mapex for Yamaha

    It was just announced on Facebook that Matt Halpern from Periphery will be joining the Yamaha family. Seeing as how I'm a Yamaha guy, I think this is a good thing. He was doing A LOT of advertising for Mapex and I'm hoping he does the same...
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    15" Ludwig 3-ply snare drum?

    Have you ever heard of one? I'm about to pull the trigger on one but am a little skeptical. The ad says it's a 15x6.5 3-ply shell w/ re-rings, but I'm worried that it might just be a cut down tom with a crappy re-ring job on one of the edges. Here's the only picture he has of it:
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    Dave Grohl replaces Joey Castillo for the upcoming Queens of the Stone Age record Discuss.
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    Drum riser in a recording environment?

    Have you ever used one? My band and I are recording our first LP in a month with a very good engineer so I'm looking for ways to get the best drum sound I can. I've got a good kit and they're tuned nicely, giving me a very open sound and I want that to be apparent on our record, so I'm looking...
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    Snare wires for Rogers Dynasonic w/ snare bridge?

    I recently purchased a 1970 Rogers Dynasonic COB snare drum and am going to need to change the snare wires when I receive it. I'm just wondering if I need special wires for the snare bridge to work. I know you can buy Puresounds specifically for the Dynasonic, I just don't know if I absolutely...
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    Thoughts on mid 50's Leedy & Ludwig snare drum?

    Hey guys, I have the chance to buy a mid 50's Leedy and Ludwig snare drum and I'm having a hard time finding any sound clips or videos of one. I'm wondering if anyone's every tried one or owned one and if you can maybe shed some light as to how it sounds OR if anyone knows if one was used on a...
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    We (Diablo Strange) released our 6 song EP! Pictures of the release show included.

    Hey guys, my band Diablo Strange finally released our 6 song EP Saturday night. The reason I say "finally" is because we recorded it last year in June. Took us a while to get it out there but we did it! We've been writing new songs ever since we recorded the EP last year and will probably be...
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    Profits of Doom by Clutch - My first drum cover! Comment please!

    Hey guys, I finally got around to making my first drum cover video. It was my first time recording anything on my own (I did have some help for this one, though) and my first time editing video as well. This video was shot in 2 takes: one take of the audio and the right and left video angles...
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    My 1965 Supraphonic w/ Puresound wires

    Hey guys, I'm bored at work and figured I'd share some pics that I took of my Supra when I changed the snare wires and batter head a couple of weeks ago. I've had her for about a year and a half now and absolutely love this thing! I use it as my main snare. Everything is original except for the...
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    How do you change the title of your thread?

    I tried changing the title of one of my threads but it doesn't seem to work. I went to Edit, then Advanced and changed the title and hit Save but it didn't change? Anybody?
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    Fooling around on my new kit!

    Fooling around on my new kit! **Please comment** Hey guys, I had a few people interested in hearing my new kit so I decided to put a video up on Youtube. (watch in HD for better sound) I recently changed the stock heads and put some coated heads on...