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    Left Foot Stamina/Technique (8th notes) - best approach ?

    The side to side swivel is what I use. It enables you to play faster without cramping up your calf and thigh. This was a Tony Williams technique that I'm sure he got from some other drummer. Watch the Tony instructional video of his Dallas workshop. Watch how he dances so lightly on the pedal...
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    LM402 tuning driving me crazy

    Supras were always the most easy snares to tune. I used standard coated Remo Ambassadors for the batter and diplomat for the reso. Of course I never owned a newer model. So, of it's the rims or the snares being insufficient, that-really-sucks. If you know a drum doctor who can give you an...
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    Realistic Expectations using 4-Way Coordination

    Came across this post, but wanted to add some perspective on tackling this difficult, amazing book: About completing, or mastering all of "4-Way" is an unreachable and unrealistic goal. Chris Dave indicated that he completed it, and I don't doubt it, as he's a gifted and ingenious drummer. I...
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    Rick Dior on Warming Up before playing

    Dior is among the best online teachers. He really knows his shite. I never "warmed up" as a teen, while playing six nights a week in rock and roll saloons. Are you kidding? All I needed was pot, cigarettes, and a girl to try and impress. I'm now 67 and you can bet your boots I have to warm up...
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    Carter McClean Book

    I watched some of McLean's video accompaniment for the book and its value is clearer to me. There is certainly more content in the video lessons, and it makes the book clear in its concept.
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    Carter McClean Book

    I picked up Carter McClean's new book, "Drumset: Concepts and Creativity," after reading that it was voted top drum book by Modern Drummer magazine. It came in the mail today...and I must admit that I'm underwhelmed, less-that-impressed. It features and exercise called The Kaleid. oscope. Its a...
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    Any other owners of Canopus NV60s here?

    I'd like to be able to dish with other owners of Canopus NV60s for comparing notes, etc. Leave a note.
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    Hand Technique Thread

    Nice post. The selection of various techniques are many and there are many paths to the waterfall.
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    Jazz Cymbal set up

    Nailed it, Bro!
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    **** Independence Exercise ****

    Mr. Insane: You are correct.
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    Canopus "Hazy" Snare Drum Head

    But this is a batter head.
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    Canopus "Hazy" Snare Drum Head

    I recently got a set of Canopus NV60s, and they are terrific. The drums came with standared remo ambassadors, EXCEPT for the snare's batter head, which is stamped Canopus "Hazy." I'm crazy for the snare drum--it's sound and feel. But remo doesn't offer a "hazy" ambassador batter head. I'm a...
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    **** Independence Exercise ****

    That's a keeper. Triplets against straight 8ths--getting them right--is a great excersise. Nice finger stuff, too.
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    Remember: It's All About Emotion and Feel

    I often see impressive videos of drummers playing transcriptions of great solos, either on a kit or a snare. However, though many get the notes and technique spot on, they play completely devoid of musical feeling. Remember, no feeling, no music; no feeling, no groove. Also, drummers need to...
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    Ginger Baker 1960's "tom tom sound"

    Love Ginger's sound. He makes those toms sound like calf. I used to think they were. But they were just standard heads. My buddy was a great drummer.