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    Help me out here

    I used to play Zildjian A's ( and used to break a lot of New Beats). I was always looking for a sound and they just weren't it. A little to gong or low sounding if that makes sense? I always wanted Paiste 2002's and now that I have them, they are the exact sound I want for ride/crash/hats and...
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    Salute your local drum store,..

    Yes in CT, that place was the best. My guitar players brother worked there for years. I do remember the drum guy that sold me my kit, I just cant think of his name.
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    Salute your local drum store,..

    Best local shop turned into a Sam Ash now. Its bigger but your not allowed to play anything but snare drums in the snare room. When it was Brian Guitars back in the day, they used to have the kits set up on the floor, not in 10 foot high shelves, and they had sticks ready to go. The best part...
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    Sold the Gurus

    hahaha you got me! I was actually pissed I didnt know they were "for sale" and missed out of making an offer!!!
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    I was embarrassed to share this but has anyone else had a night like this behind the kit?

    Yeah being early I didnt like setting up with the feeling that all eyes are on me. so that s why i may not have noticed the hats. and my cymbals are last to go on the kit so i was done and wondering where is the band? was the gig cancelled? wrong night? am I at the wrong place!!!??? ( our bass...
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    I was embarrassed to share this but has anyone else had a night like this behind the kit?

    So a couple of weeks ago I had a really strange night of mistakes behind the kit that had nothing to do with my play ( which in itself is a big mistake). I got to the gig earlier than usual and had my kit set up before the rest of the band arrived. I actually thought I was there on the wrong day...
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    Listen to your hearing

    I always thought that my hearing loss was attributed to drumming/loud music and shooting guns without protection. I want to an audiologist last year because my family s tired of me saying "what" all the time. Come to find out, the loss of hearing in my left ear is most likely from a childhood...
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    Does a drum rack save you time?

    I had two stealth racks. I had a snare basket for the snare, a no leg hi-hat attached to the rack. I used to have boom arms for the cymbals. It didn't save time for me, only floor space by my feet. It cleaned up the kit and allowed for repeatability when setting up. I used a carpet and traced...
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    Are sparkles disappearing?

    I get compliments on my silver sparkle, i love sparkle finishes! Stage lights make them look great too.
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    Compact Kits

    Im a fan of compact set ups however and I have a few..... most brands mentioned and a few not like PDP or Gretsch have compact kits that are anything but. Look at the size of the foot pint a kit takes up, not the size of the bass drum. If you dont mount the ride and the tom on the bass drum, the...
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    Drum maintenance week!

    I think DW suggesting any kind of re-application of the tung oil is a little much. I hope Honda doesn't want me to repaint my car any time soon. I thought washing and waxing was enough but maybe I'm wrong? All it does is strengthen my resolve for finish ply.
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    Carrying stands, pedals and other PITAs

    I use the Yamaha 700 series hardware. Very light and still looks good, i cant get past the weird look of the crosstown stuff.
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    Carrying stands, pedals and other PITAs

    When For years when i used to carry more stands and hardware, i used a gold travel bag with wheels from OGIO. designed to fit a gold bah it was plenty big and long for everything i had, (throne and pedal bag included). It has roller blade wheels and a handle on the end to pull it along. It...
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    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    the cymbals on the floor tom look like a Salvador Dali painting...