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    Age old question: How to prevent the kick drum/hi hat from sliding away

    years ago someone said it not your bass drum sliding its your pedal. Its true, one you make the pedal stationary, nothing will move. I use a padded on stage drumfire mat. the pedal kind of sinks in and never moves. the mat folds up small and goes in my hardware bag and easily goes back to flat...
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    Have You Seen This Tom Tuning Vid?

    I really like this guys approach and delivery, very down to earth. Never tried this method but it looks simple and looks like it works. Im going to give it a try. I always hated tuning vids where you tune it on a floor or a rug, never sounds the same and the tell you to mount it and tune it, why...
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    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    DW 5000, with a Trick Dead Blow beater
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    Hitting the road

    Awesome, best of luck!
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    How to manage a band?

    isnt he the sound engineer? i thought he said he lost the drumming gig there several years ago, i dint know he was back playing as the mouse and its not really my business. not sure why you are taking quotes out of context for someone else?
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    That tune!..really?

    When one of the guys calls out Fragile by Sting i always cringe. I never think its going to go ever well no matter what venue we are at. to me, it sounds like a non stop guitar solo trade off between our guitar players. It always gets a great ovation though. i never even heard the song before...
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    Returning to gigging... how are your experiences?

    Just got back from a gig today a few minutes ago. We played Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week...Im freakin exhausted! The crowds are dying for live music and it shows.
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    dw smart practice?

    Sell it, i sold mine years ago. the annoying reverberation the bass drum pad sends through the rest of it was too much. I thought it was a good design etc until i actually had one. It is quieter than the remo pad sets but i also could not get past the bass drum thing. My teacher had the remo...
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    Is counting in during songs unprofessional?

    Don't count every song in at a gig with stick clicks, it looks and sounds bad after a while. For breaks in songs i use hi hat hits instead of clicking sticks, sounds more musical like its part of the song. Pauses in songs are different depending on length, not all f them need time keeping.
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    Gear red flag - Update!

    he has a bass clef tattoo, he's in!!!!! no seriously good luck, he just landed a sweet gig with your band!
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    Advice on Learning 7 Hours of Music

    you cant lose using the WWHBD method ( What Would Hal Blaine Do). My band gets a lot of requests and we will attempt most of them if the singer knows them or if they know a few of the chords and i just try to think of a 60's studio player for the drum parts. People always ask how i knew the song...
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    Drumming Gloves are useless

    the OP is just joking right? He pretended to be his moms husband? he then wears the gloves inside out an is now an authority on how bad drum gloves are?? is anyone really buying any of this?? i do think drum gloves are stupid though.
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    3 gigs, 3 states, 3 days - pics and video included.

    Nice job, drums sound great. my 3 states are: Sober Drunk Sleeping
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    Back in the saddle (throne) again!

    i was on the fence with that finish, i had only seen stick photos fro Ludwig. After seeing an honest pic i will say , while its not my favorite, i do like it. Glad to hear you are back to playing live!