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    Heads for Roto Toms, Bop Kit

    Hey guys! I'm assembling a Frankenstein's bop kit for SWMBO. I found a good deal on some rusty roto toms (6, 8, and 10 with rail and stand) to go with the 13" "floor" tom and 16" kick I have already. Was planning on just getting a bongo or timbale or two for rack toms but oh well. Now we will...
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    Great Wall of Acoustic Foam - It's Gonna Be YUUUGE

    Hey guys and gals! Long time no Drummerworld. I may or may not have come into a bit of foam. Not your regular old two-foot-square 2" thick panels you can get for $15-20 a pop at guitar center, but, maybe it's like two-by-two 12" and 18" spikes. Like the stuff they use in anechoic chambers and...
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    Covering drums in fur

    My first kit was a frankenstein's monster of three different crappy drum sets, and I wasn't in love with the red/white/black combination. Also all of the finishes were old and nasty (think peeling, wrinkly wrap and flaky paint). I found this awesome article...
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    The sound guy

    Share your sound guy stories! Good or bad...probably mostly bad. Best? Worst? Adequate-to-incompetent ratio? (I'm guessing 1:4) I'll start with a kind-of funny one. At this one gig, I couldn't help but notice the bass drum "tone" of the bands before us. Like, put a microphone in a tomato, smash...
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    "look before you sit"

    I stumbled across this charming anecdote on reddit a few minutes ago. I think we can glean a pearl - maybe two pearls of wisdom from this. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!
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    Learning some new Bonham

    Friday was a strange series of events. Hopped on here, ended up reading the re-motivated thread, and then MisterZero got me thinking about Fool In The Rain. I was like "yeah, that's a great song! I should learn it someday." Which is something that I think very often, and almost just as often I...
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    Getting Used to Sounds

    Have you guys ever hated the sound of something, but then used it enough to where you were indifferent or even grew to like it? Back when I was younger and dumber, I "needed" to have a china cymbal, but I only had enough to get a 14" agazarian. I honestly hated how it sounded, but used it and...
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    Being in an X band, playing shows with crappy Y bands

    In my case, being in a metal band and always playing shows with terrible, terrible hardcore bands. I'm in a good metal band that I can't think of any fitting trendy pre- or suffixes for, besides maybe "heavy". We have some more melodic songs, some faster songs, some heavier songs. One song has...
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    Basic recording gear (mostly microphone) recommendations?

    So...I've got four toms that I'd like to close-mic, a snare where two mics would be preferable, a kick, and two overheads would be nice. Not too worried about my hats since I spank 'em loud, and room mic is a maybe. Also I'm cheap. New computer will hopefully be procured in the next 24 hours. A...
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    I re-cut my bearing edge today

    Well, it's past yesterday. It was nice out, I was feelin' kinda feisty, I half-recalled reading somewhere about drum builders using sidewalk cement to get a level edge on a shell, and the stock 45° bearing edges on my X7 had been weighing heavily on my mind. My friend the bass...
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    Tama Power Metal snares...opinions?

    I've got bad GAS for something bronze and these seem like a pretty good deal, but I can't find a ton of info or useful reviews on them. Anybody who owns/has played one care to give a long-winded testimonial (rant) about it? I'm pretty set on bronze but I'm more interested in the overall build...
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    Talk me out of it

    So I was checking out cymbal sound files the other day, mostly on sabian and meinl's sites, clicking through crashes and trying to see what all is out there (I found out...there's too much.) My 16" bronze rock scimitar doesn't actually sound too bad, but it's just a little too focused and it has...
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    Drum seats are called thrones! Why hasn't anyone capitalized on this yet?? Here's what I'm thinking. Drum wraps that look like stone walls. A portcullis painted on the front of the kick. Blue rug to look like a moat. Little flags extending from the tops of the cymbals. Maybe some cardboard...
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    Black on black on black

    So I have the maple PDP know, the black one with the black hardware? When I first got it, I thought that putting black drumheads on it would be stupid. Who would do such a thing? And I didn't really like the look of the black bass drum reso that came with it, so maybe that's why. Fast...
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    Not denting heads

    I play metal. Sometimes my band complains about having to turn up because I'm too loud. But I don't think that I'm a heavy hitter. I use 5As and after a certain point I don't think that hitting a drum harder will make it much louder. Also I'm cheap so I play a stick until it breaks...which...