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    military/snare vibe
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    Entering the fill & getting back to beat

    Play basic beat, practice starting and ending fills. All you are doing is filling the empty space within the beat.
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    Jungle Drumming Style

    I put the little Ludwig kit in action.
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    Groove & Fiils

    Video of grooving and throwing in fills. Having fun.
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    Old school-A little Krupa

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    Bustin a Move on the BreakBeat Kit

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    Swinging the ludwig BreakBeat Kit

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    Ludwig Breakbeat in action

    I have not tweek the set yet, but lets see how it sounds.
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    Jackie k shedding wood on the jungle kit

    older stage custom kit I used a 16 floor tom as a bass drum. an older stage custom kit. I call it a mini kit.
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    Grooving on the bass drum

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    Jazzing on Jackie's little yamaha

    I converted my 16" floor tom in to a bass drum. My floor tom now is 13x10, rack tom is 12x9, snare 14x5.5. I just wanted to see how this setup sounds.