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    Member generosity

    Lookin' good! (y) ;)
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    Post Preview Button

    It's now the icon in the far upper right corner (page with the corner folded over and a magnifying glass over it).
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    Best Ear Muffs For Maintaining Fidelity?

    Ultraphones is a brand, but they are just Sony MDR-7506 drivers placed inside a Peltor hearing protection muff.
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    I can't find my post

    Check your PM's.
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    I can't find my post

    If I'm following this correctly, you are looking for a gold TAMA logo for a black reso head, right? PM on the way.
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    Post Pandemic drum gear trends?

    It's the stimulus checks that many didn't need.
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    Ever Given and the Suez Canal

    I'm guessing that you don't always drink beer, but when you do, you prefer Dos Equis. ;)
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    Post Pandemic drum gear trends?

    Exactly! I was wondering if anyone would catch on. :) Yep, just like tattoos.
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    Ever Given and the Suez Canal

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    Post Pandemic drum gear trends?

    Same here. And I know a lot of people that share the same sentiment lately. It seems to be catching on.
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    Rattling cymbal or cymbal stand

    You could try a rubber grommet (sometimes called "pass through" grommets, or the "grombal" which is essentially the same thing.
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    Am I too old to start drumming?

    My sentiments exactly.
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    Gold-n-times acrylic shells

    PM sent.
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    THIS ^ Unfortunately, if accustomed to a low sodium diet, then you can taste the salt in almost everything (meaning it's oversalted, just so you don't think I'm disagreeing with you). The same goes for sugar ..............if I remember correctly. ;)
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    8th note hi hat chicks and balance

    If I'm understanding you correctly, you're leaning a bit forward and relying on at least one foot to keep you stable. You may try either try scooting back just a bit on your throne or adjusting it's height to find a better center of balance. You may have to adjust your snare position to keep the...