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    Most Important Sounds Like a Drum Episode Ever

    Just like people and bass drums, when it comes to ear plugs and videos regarding them; what's within matters. ;)
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    Zach Hill NYC

    I thought there was NO way I could possibly relate to him, but I found some common ground after all.
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    Looking for a long cowbell holder for mounting on the bass drum hoop

    It's not exactly cheap, and made for a mic, but can be used as a cowbell holder as well and will position it just about anywhere you want.
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    What piece of gear has spoiled you?

    Yep, it was 84th & Frederick. And you're right, the other one was on F, not B. I completely forgot about ox45. Wasn't Jason also in it? Those were better days, that's for sure.
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    What piece of gear has spoiled you?

    Yep, I too had many long conversations with John. That place is like a time warp; you think you've been there 1 hour and it turns out to have been 4. I figured you had to be talking about the 84th St. store when you mentioned Mars Music. I think JD's moved one last time after I had seem at the B...
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    Another Song

    Wow, great song! This needs to be on the radio. (y)
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    What piece of gear has spoiled you?

    Wow, that was YEARS ago! I miss John and the boys. They always treated me right.
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    Time & threads

    I'm not entirely sure who does. 🤪
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    Time & threads

    Yeah, I've been caught up in that "what not"................ thanks to you. :p 😁
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    Time & threads

    It also seems that on many forums the person that gets all worked up about someone resurrecting an old thread is often the same person that tells someone to "use the search function" rather than address the question directly. Ironically, the search function is typically what causes a thread to...
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    The "Golden Ratio" for Top/Bottom Hi Hats

    If DW was in the cymbal game, they'd be all over that. It does for room acoustics. Cymbal sound? probably not.
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    Are overpriced drums worth it ? A Defence of mapex

    THAT is a beautiful finish. It's just too bad about those lugs. ;) :p
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    Anything Ruin Music for You?

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    Anything Ruin Music for You?

    The (not so) funny part is that if it was a popular enough song to be playing at a chain restaurant, your son probably already knew the lyrics.
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    Snare drum question...

    This says the same thing, without the redundant "exact": Ok, now you're just baiting. :sneaky: