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    Stan Lynch interview

    I’m still sorta annoyed about TP and JI anti drums thing lol. Take Stan off those records, release them drumless, and good luck having the same success. Didn’t JI basically create Stans drum sound by assigning him the gear he used, for that fat fabulous drum sound? A million miles away huh...
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    Stan Lynch interview

    Very interesting Hewitt2, for me that sheds a little light on why he is so amazing and in the pocket on those tunes.
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    First time in 6 months!

    Hold the Line!! Nice stuff..... We started our band practices again, but with no gigs in site, they kinda just feel like jams and not prepping for the show! But glad to be just jamming if thats all I can get.
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    Jim Chapin video

    Funny, I just recently saw one of his videos, never had before. What a pair of hands!
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    Got nicknames?

    My good friends call me Shum most of the time, last name is Shuman. Not sure if that counts. Since childhood I’ve always called my brother ‘Chuck’ his real name is Daniel. Oh yea, and he calls me ‘Meat’. So Shum and Meat...but only my bro calls me Meat and only I call him Chuck. It seems most...
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    Secret weapon...

    I bet its more your touch than it is the cymbal. I think when getting a gear compliment, really what they are complimenting is the drummer.
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    Happy Birthday Bermuda

    Was wondering if anyone did this on snare, guess someone did on a kit. For Bermuda I bet Ari could bust out a nice one.
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    Nice set list!
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    Erm ---

    I feel like my lifelong musical search just came to an end. I have found what it is Ive been searching for all these years. I didnt know what I was searching for, but apparently it was that. I see no need to ever listen to music again or take part in the making. I think they just won music, or...
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    Zappa Documentary

    Wow, some amazing experiences right there! Not seeing ZpZ is silly tho, its some of the greatest live music to see imho, go enjoy!! They wont erase the luster of your memorable experiences.
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    Looking at the future...

    He had that awesome growl tho!! Funny original Mad Max is on Netflix and I watched a bunch yesterday, timely.
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    Does anybody subscribe to Modern Drummer?

    Had it for years, really enjoyed it. I casually read it for years, was never a reader, never really had good comprehension, but I think Modern Drummer changed that for me. Since it was a topic I was deeply interested in, I found that I remembered quite a bit of what I was reading casually. It...
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    What's a piece of drum gear that you like the IDEA of having it, but you have reservations or simply no use for it?

    For some reason I love everything about this post. The auto correct on my way! and the use of lavish. I want a cowbell that sounds just right, but I feel like generic or something when I play them, like they're a little cheesy to me for some reason, yet they sound great.
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    I dont think you'll have any trouble reaching your goal. Love that Zappa is main musical influence, right on!
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    Not a dive bar drummer. My band is older ladies and gentlemen who have professional careers outside of music that just do it for the fun, buzz, and love of playing. We usually shoot for the nice places where us older folks would be happy to attend. We were just getting up and running and had a...