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    Being a specialist in one genre vs. Being able to play in all genres

    All the best drummers I know are fluent in multiple genres. And despite the differences, being good at jazz and funk is going to help you to be better at metal, and vice-versa. The exercises and music you'll play will train your body into doing things differently that you wouldn't otherwise...
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    What snare drum books are most relevant/applicable to drumset playing in your opinion?

    Another vote for Chaffee's materials. Once you get the double stroke patterns locked in to your head (e.g., the 3A, 5C, etc., groupings), you can then play them as polyrhythms across different subdivisions, and then later in the book he has many groupings for you to work for fills, grooves...
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    (Noob Question) - Practicing With a Bluetooth Speaker or Headphones?

    I'm not sure what USD prices are, but what was recommended to me when I was looking for cheap overheads was a set of Rode NT5. I think they're about AU$500, so possibly closer to US$300?? I really don't know. I also have a couple of sets of Rode M5, which I have been using as hihat and ride...
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    2 hi hats for metal vs drop clutch

    I have two sets of hats with drop clutches on both. But very rarely close my X-hats. Honestly, just do whatever works for you. It seems there are plenty of metal drummers out there who use a normal hihat stand (with or without drop clutch) and have the hats open just enough to get the open...
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    (Noob Question) - Practicing With a Bluetooth Speaker or Headphones?

    I hope you're using some sort of hearing protection, with or without headphones. It won't take long before you start encountering permanent hearing loss otherwise.
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    Dead iPod

    But downloading it to my phone still means I'm forced to use the streaming app, when I can just play the music I already own which I've got encoded as either WAV or FLAC. In the past I've used Youtube and other streaming services for rehearsals but I tire of the ads and the lossy compression...
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    Dead iPod

    Because I always have my music and I don't have to rely on an external service or depend upon having a WIFI connection or mobile reception
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    (Noob Question) - Practicing With a Bluetooth Speaker or Headphones?

    There is no reason an analog mixer shouldn't produce a good headphone signal. I would be contacting their support and explaining the problem. It may be as simple as the headphone port itself may be incorrectly soldered. Be very, very careful pumping the gains up, you'll just end up with huge...
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    New to Drumming: NewB Questions.

    On traditional grip, I don't recommend learning to play it unless you want to. I only use it myself because of a few reasons outside of my control. It is much harder to develop and maintain, and despite all the things like "it feels better," honestly, people only say that because that's what...
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    Practice Pad for Night and Weekend Practice

    Mesh heads are a good idea for noise reduction, I just preface the idea of using it on a small tom or something with suggesting that I'm not convinced they don't damage bearing edges (personal experience), so I would recommend finding a cheap nasty second-hand one and don't put mesh heads on a...
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    What products have caused you to become a snob?

    I wouldn't say a snob, but I first heard Paiste cymbals as a beginner and in all this time I still haven't found cymbals I would rather have on my set. It's not that I don't like other brands, but for a perfect example: In a shop full of Sabians, which I was hitting without looking at the...
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    Practice Pad for Night and Weekend Practice

    It feels more 'solid' to hit than the Realfeel. The rebound is slow, but it is there. You'll definitely be controlling the hit a bit more - i.e., picking up the stick, as opposed to getting a good bounce. I would compare it to say, a loosely tuned snaredrum or maybe a 14" floor tom...
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    New to Drumming: NewB Questions.

    Man I just want to say, I agree with you 100%. I've encountered so much negativity in my 24+ years of playing drums, both on and offline. It is refreshing to hear someone speak the same things that cross my mind. Unfortunately I have seen a number of visitors to this forum spouting the exact...
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    Bass guitar- fairly simple to learn?

    Honestly, I did buy a bass with the intent of learning, but due to a mixture of a lack of time and attention I haven't touched it as much as I would like. It might be easy to learn where the notes are and move your fingers around - e.g., compared to guitar you are far less likely to play...
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    Ultra Wide 34" screen, curved or not for music/DAW etc.

    Hi mate, I have a 32" Samsung 144hz WQHD screen - still 16x9 (not 21x9). It's curved, and I love it. I think curved TVs are a waste of time because you're too far away, but as a large computer screen it's amazing - games feel immersive and it just feels 'right' compared to when I now sit in...