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    Had to start over...

    Just do heel - toe ?
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    While I love to drum I also love to powerlift and with that comes the use of cycles of steroids' (I know its bad, whatever). I've noticed that Vic Firth are extremely cheap and cant hold up to heavy styles of drumming. The durability is questionable at best and the sticks feel like tiny matchsticks.
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    Filming yourself while playing

    I find myself never having to bother recording one of my live performances. Even when using heel to toe, im always on beat. Either you have it or you dont.
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    Gary Husband Here!

    Hey guys great to be here! Just want to start off by saying I love metal and rock. My tenure with drums has brought me to idolize the legendary talents of lars Ulrich and Buddy Rich. So, Gary whats your opinion on drumming with no shoes vs shoes?