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    John JR Robinson now with DW

    I’m always surprised by how aroused some drummers get over second-hand drum manufacturing anecdotes and supposed endorsement agreements that matter about as much what tires were on the car that brings them to the gigs.
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    Drum gods set list....

    Golden Earring to CCR describes the breadth of rock and roll from 1969 through 1978. 1 Percenters don't wear Halloween get-ups (other than those they wear 365).
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    Drum gods set list....

    Paradoxically, bikers engaged in their lifelong themed cosplay don't really care for themed events. You might notice they don't wear Halloween costumes or zany Christmas sweaters. Their playlists are also pretty limited ... but Rush is definitely not on those lists. Van Halen is a bit too...
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    Where's Carly???

    What Top 500 list?
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    Back in the saddle?

    It’s blooze. If it was technical death metal, the rust might show … My only concern would be how long I could tolerate a harmonica player not knowing when to give it a rest (they never do).
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    Neil Peart's Hometown Is Readying a Statue.

    Cornelius Elwood Peart
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    Neil Peart's Hometown Is Readying a Statue.

    It's an awesome gesture, but is it a good likeness? ... To me, the image of the older Professor looks more like Andy Griffith. Does the younger one look like Paul Rudd?
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    Drum Kits Mostly Pre-Dating Gaudy Sparkle Wraps

    Glitter is very hot now for children’s bedrooms. Ugh.
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    Apartment Living - Electric kit vs Mesh Heads LV cymbals

    If you've ever been bothered at a red light by someone's pulsing subwoofer, you've experienced the fact that it's the vibration more than the actual sound penetrating your car ... You neighbor isn't bothered by noise, it's the thump, thump, thump, and I'm afraid that's almost unsolvable. Also...
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    Drum Kits Mostly Pre-Dating Gaudy Sparkle Wraps

    Dangerous Minds has a beautiful array of drum sets dating back a Century.
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    Carl Palmer Still Has it!

    He's currently touring with Emerson, Lake and Palmer -- undeterred by the fact Emerson and Lake have been dead since 2006.
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    Name that drummer

    Remember when the Ramones fired Clem "Elvis Ramone" Burke?
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    Jim Gordon - Solo Album

    Currently selling for as much as $19.
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    A financial band situation, just wondering what others think about this…

    These kinds of questions are what got Steve Smith fired from Journey.
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    Terrible Noble and Cooley News

    If you borrow money you can’t pay back, you have to give up a share of your company.