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    Who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

    Love this song about hating Winnipeg.
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    YOUR favorite compliments over the years.

    "You don't smell like a fat man." Cherished memory.
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    Underated/Underappreciated Drummers?

    So, Nick Mason was famously replaced on "The Wall" (that's Jeff Porcaro on "Mother"), played with a second drummer on that tour and thereafter was assisted on tour by "co-drummer" Gary Wallis. Nick Mason is properly appreciated.
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    In Praise of Nicko McBrain's Drum One Drum Shop

    Nicko is famous for his ribs. Haven't gotten to Coral Springs, FL, for those yet.
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    Kenny Aronoff 40th Anniversary Tama Snare

    It's been 40 years since we first heard the phrase "Sucking on a chili dog." To commemorate, Tama has released a 40th Anniversary Kenny Aronoff Snare. Not sure how much $2,799.99 Canadian is in real money, but there you go...
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    Maybe Drum Makers Should be Anonymous

    Doesn't matter in the slightest. First off, to charge the kind of prices boutique builders do, the buyer has to be sold a story ... Very often, the builder is at the center of the story ... just as a famous Chef's story is part of the sizzle in your overpriced steak. Quite often, the stories are...
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    Getting Jay Weinberg's merch at concert

    Try Instagram or Twitter ... Send a picture of your gig set-up ... He's a big drum geek. A signed drum head or two might be for sale at the merch booth.
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    Did you catch the stick or guitar pick at the show? Gotten anything signed? Any music other memorabilia?

    When I saw British Lion, the sideband of Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris in early 2020, I was in a balcony over the stage ... at the end of the gig, I called out to drummer Simon Dawson, and he threw a stick up to me. At the same gig, the Picturebooks opened, and the drummer (who uses no...
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    Irene Cara RIP

    Bad news ... All of them are going to die. Soon.
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    What gear did you get out of the Sears Wishbook?

    I'll bet this $419.99 Sears kit (with your cymbals and heads) sounds 70% as good as a Noble & Cooley.
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    What gear did you get out of the Sears Wishbook?

    If you've still got your eye on a Sears drum kit, better get your order in.
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    John JR Robinson now with DW

    I’m always surprised by how aroused some drummers get over second-hand drum manufacturing anecdotes and supposed endorsement agreements that matter about as much what tires were on the car that brings them to the gigs.
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    Drum gods set list....

    Golden Earring to CCR describes the breadth of rock and roll from 1969 through 1978. 1 Percenters don't wear Halloween get-ups (other than those they wear 365).
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    Drum gods set list....

    Paradoxically, bikers engaged in their lifelong themed cosplay don't really care for themed events. You might notice they don't wear Halloween costumes or zany Christmas sweaters. Their playlists are also pretty limited ... but Rush is definitely not on those lists. Van Halen is a bit too...
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    Carlton Barrett

    What Top 500 list?