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    remo silent stroke - what is the ACTUAL volume level?

    It is very nice that you took the time to do that. I have SS heads already, but I appreciate it nonetheless.
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    Silver Sealer

    Silver sealer is an acquired taste that varies from person to person. It is only for those with most developed of palettes.
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    Restoring my first vintage snare!

    Here is a quick clean up I did a few weeks ago on a Supra I scored. Dawn, water, and a wheel scrub brush. Yours looks great and you got a recorder cleaner!
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    On what albums do you think every single song is excellent?

    There are many but these are my safe bets and I don't grow tired of them. D'Angelo- Voodoo McCoy Tyner- The Real McCoy Lagwagon- Hoss
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    which loudest/projection for piccolo snare?

    Yes sir. I picked up one today while I was out messing around.
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    Soft/heavy sounding hi-hats

    PorkPieGuy just said everything I wanted to say. Having balance in your technique is often overlooked. The Stage hats are thick and I don't think the 2002 are going to necessarily be lower in volume as they cut very well. You might want to look for a thinner top hat or 14" crash to use as a top...
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    Gibraltar Stealth Docking Station

    If you do any bow hunting you already have a case for it.
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    David Lee Roth residency in Vegas

    He's going to turn into Sam Kinison?
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    No Ride Cymbal?

    Nothing wrong with not using a ride if the music doesn't call for it. When I was gigging heavily with a modern dance band I replaced my rack tom with a Sample Pad Pro and my ride with a set of 18" hats.
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    What should I do with this $100 snare?

    You can slap a collarless Remo snare side head on the reso side. It will conform to the reso edge and beds a little easier. That's what I used on my Pioneer.
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    G1 Clear Head for Snare

    I think GD wanted more ring.
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    Zildjian ZBTs

    What are your current 30yo cymbals? You may already have the good stuff. Also, don't waste the money on the ZBTs.
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    What drumset is this?

    The t rods on the bass drum look like Trixon, but not much else. I'm guessing Gracy or Clear Sound mij stencil kit iirc. They were probably made by Pearl or Star (Tama).
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    Down the rabbit hole: attempting super low cost pancake kit

    The first pic looks like the shell is undersized. Do you have spacers for the lugs?
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    Stain will just make the bearing edge ugly, but lacquer will build up and harden, so it should be kept away from edges. A little blue tape and you're good. You mentioned restaining so is this kit stained? If so, that's another can of worms.