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    Show us your personal drum set history - with pics

    Cool thread! I'll try to find some pics when i get home from work (yes... my daily routine is go to work, grab a coffee, have a sandwich for breakfast and checking this place :p) I'd better not show all the pics of all the incarnations of my kits... that would mean like 100 pics :ROFLMAO:
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    Most stable 2 leg hi hat machine

    I use a Tama 2-legged Iron Cobra stand. On it's own it's pretty stable (not so much as a 3 legged, but that's inherent to a dual legged one), but I've mounted it on my 2nd bass drum with the Pearl HH-to-BD-adapter and it's really stable that way. The only downside is that i can't directly mount...
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    Rack problems

    Accept that you get sympathetic resonance :p Now without being a smartdonkey; i read on the drdrummer forum that people stuff the racktubes with foam to absorb vibrations. I have a DR-80 rack and i think the only noticeable noise i got was when i hit my rocket toms and the tambourine mounted...
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    Is that a tom?

    If i remember correctly; Kenny Aronoff told in a vid that his preference is 1 up and 2 down. For certain songs he needed a higher pitched tom and didn't want to move his 12" tom, so popped the 10" next to it. Same as with drummers like Marco Minneman who use an 8" tom in an unconventional...
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    Dire Straits 'Calling Elvis' with Noble & Cooley/Istanbul Agop content

    Very nice! Loads of fun to play along with this live track. Think i will pop the dvd on the weekend and enjoy the whole concert again :)
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    Anyone going to drop 2k on the Armand 100 Cymbal?

    Just save up a $1100 more and get the Sabian Paragon Complete set ;)
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    Recommended Hi-Hats

    The dilemma you're facing is that a 'traditional' hi-hat is way too loud if you want to keep the volume as low a possible, but if you use a low volume type of cymbal like @Bo Eder suggested you will sacrifice sound. I have a Zildjian 14" Low Volume Hi-hat and it surpasses all electronic models...
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    DIY-ing FX hats

    Paiste PSTX! Either a Swiss Thin Crash or the Flanger Crash. Both come in 14" size. One of them is €80 and the other €85, but i guess in $ it would be roughly the same prize. Yes, they are cheap... but considering their price they do sound amazing IMO.
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    Double bass lost in mix

    Since april last year i finally have the bassdrum sound that i want and that they're more audible. I struggled with the same problems for years. I used coated EMAD with a pillow on my bassdrum and in person it sounded amazing, but on recordings or when playing with the band the bassdrum wasn't...
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    What's your bag?

    I use the Vic Firth Essentials Stick Bag. Thomas Lang put me on the idea of having a smaller stick bag 'mounted' on the snare drum, so you don't have to haul around a big bag and a stick holder for the snare stand etc. This is a little bigger than the one he uses, but it's perfect for me. I keep...
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    Any advice for a first timer changing Heads?

    We* here are pretty much helpful to anymore who has questions or to point them to the right topic. This is also a great topic to read! Personal experience; it takes time to learn how to tune. When i started out i...
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    You can’t call yourself a drummer....

    And with a complimentary cowbell!
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    David "Pick" Withers

    Not to hijack the thread, but i must say your drumsound on 'On The Night' is my benchmark sound on how i want toms to sound (for as much as i can since i don't play big arenas hehe). What were/are the specs of that kit?
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    Stick Experimentation Disease?

    I used hickory 5B's and even 2B's for a while when i was in a rock band, but when i played my Masters kit i felt those sticks in combination with how i play killed the tone of the kit. Had a few maple 5B's lying around and decided to give them a go and bam, sounded amazing again! Also really...
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    Ever regret buying a drumset?

    I wouldn't really want to call it a regret, but after i bought my Pearl Vision in 2012 i realized after getting it that it was impossible to order add-on drums. It was a limited edition and even contacted Pearl, but sadly all the wrap was gone and ordering an add-on was impossible. Was really...