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    The new Rogers kits

    I'm referring to the shells that are made in Taiwan. Nobody seems to know the name of the company or companies who make them.
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    The new Rogers kits

    It's a nostalgia tax IMHO. Rogers is charging $4300 because they think their target audience of 60+ year olds have that kind of money, and would do anything for that Rogers nostalgia. There is no other reason they should be priced that high. Other premium Taiwanese kits cost 1-2k less for a...
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    S Hoops

    A picture can describe it best. :)
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    What's a piece of drum gear that you like the IDEA of having it, but you have reservations or simply no use for it?

    For me it's this Mike Mangini "Golden Ratio" 10x6.2" snare I found on Craigslist for a good price a few months ago. It sounds great and it looks great too...but will I ever truly use it? I actually bought it with the intent to sell it on Reverb, but after playing it and seeing how well-built...
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    New Kit Pic’s (shell pack only)

    You didn't want to do the unboxing yourself?! You're a madman. Love the finish, those are some classy drums!
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    LM402 - Is this a defect?

    My Ludwig Supralite has those marks as well. It's extremely common and nothing to worry about.
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    Vox Telstar Drum Kit Demo

    That hardware tho...
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    Which set to buy?

    Yamaha Stage Customs are the best quality for the price. Many (or most) people here on the forums will tell you the same thing. They're great. I would then buy a Yamaha 600 hardware pack for $280. Very high quality for the price. For the cymbals, I would look at getting some good USED...
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    Gretsch Black Copper

    I have this mental picture of a stereotypical fire-and-brimstone hellscape happening outside, lots of running and screaming.....and all the drummers being like YESSS I can play drums now!!!!!
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    Tiny Drums.

    That would be a great kit for busking on the subway. It's super portable and would create a spectacle that people haven't seen before.
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    8 or 10-lug for indie pop/rock, fusion?

    Go with the 6.5" depth. Any snare that is deeper than 6.5" is not as versatile, IMHO. I would definitely go with the 10 lug 14x6.5" Craviotto. I prefer 10 lug snares for a tighter more controlled sound, like @C.M. Jones said. But you can still get a nice tight sound out of an 8-lug drum...
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    Sonor or DW Maple Set ?

    Sonor Prolites 1000%. Sonor drums just sound better IMHO. They have a clean, pure tone that you can use for anything. DW drums, as good as they are, seem to have a "muddy" tone to them. It's hard to explain, but you can hear it if you listen closely.
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    Tama Big Black Steel

    The Tama Big Black will not get you more "cut", it'll give you more of a "thud." Definitely crank the reso heads on your current snares and see if that gives you more crack to break through the mix. If you want a budget snare that will cut through the mix like a razor blade, get a Ludwig...
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    bringing a Ludwig bronze 332xxxx back to life

    Don't buy new lugs, just polish them up. Even with some pitting they'll still look pretty nice. Hoops on the other hand do tend to wear out due to warping and whatnot. But if the current hoops are true, you could try polishing them first.
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    Must.....resist.... more drums... (Inside: Gretsch Renown RN2 Exclusive)

    The kick is 22x14. :oops: What I would give to have the 22x14 next to a 22x18 so I could compare them side by side...settle that debate once and for all, haha.