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    Cymbal Suggestions

    Hey Guys, so Im living outside the US and getting quality stuff is just plain hard so this is what I got so far and Im looking to complement: Sabian 14" HHX Groove Hats 18" HHX Evolution crash 18" AAX Xplosion crash 10" HH Duo splash 18" HHX Ozone crash 19" HHX Xtreme crash 19" Paragon China...
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    Info on this cymbal

    I found a good deal on the 11" Oriental Splash. This pictures has been sent to me, but I havent seen any logos(Asian printing) as the one present on the cymbal. So if u have any info it would be greatly appreciate it. Also is that on the side (front/back) patina??? Cant tell from the pic quality
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    Pearl DD Youtube review by regular drummer