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    Looking for drum sticks

    Did any of you used to play with the Johnny Rabb sticks that had the groove cut out at the balance point? Man I loved those sticks but can't find any like it. I know Buddy Rich also played with a stick similar. Is there anything out there? It's a need, not a want! I hope Rabb gets them...
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    Yamaha FP-9500C Double Chain Drive Single Pedal

    Best pedal I've ever played. I didn't even think twice to switch it to the strap on! Speed, power, durability. I don't usually like the metal plate on the floor, but this simple pedal changed that. I haven't adjusted anything other than the strap and it works like a pedal should. Simple and...
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    Found Some Gold

    Do y'all have Spotify? I have the free version and I'm about to change that. If you search " drumless practice tracks" you will see a huge list of music without drums. It's free to shuffle this list but I think $10 a month is worth the price just to be able to make a playlist of what you want...
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    Paiste modern essential 20" ride vs crash

    Does anyone have both of these cymbals? I ordered the 22" ride and an 18" crash. I want another crash and the 20" ride or crash could work, but the difference is hard for me to choose! Does anyone have both?
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    Recording drum set with Android

    I'm working with a 3 piece original rock band and want to figure out what I need to record and send drum tracks to my band mates. They both have iPhone and I'm on Android. The bass player has the garage band app and was sending me tracks through text/email that he recorded by plugging straight...
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    Original Rock band Hope the link works, but any way this is a band from 3 years ago. We are thinking about getting it back together for some recording. These recordings were done in an old building made into an apartment. Not a studio. The levels are a bit off. Let me...