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    Record Store Day 2021

    Happy to help out and take them off your hands! 👍
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    Record Store Day 2021

    Exactly - there is so much to be said about listening to an album while reading the liner notes, lyric sheet and album art. Listening to an entire album provides insights and connections between and across songs that you don’t appreciate when listening to individual tracks. Honestly, my...
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    Record Store Day 2021

    Any vinyl aficionados geeking out over this year’s drops? Some titles I’m interested in: - Opeth Morningrise. Black/death metal classic. Ridiculously expensive to get on vinyl. - Mr. Big Lean Into It. 90s power rock...
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    Practice schedule You’re welcome
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    Recommend some drummers that are not yet on drummerworld

    Hell yes - Misplaced Childhood is an 80s prog classic. Amazing musicianship by Mr. Mosley...🙌
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    You’d be surprised at the amount of personal data that can be extracted from forums such as these. And usually they aren’t as hard to hack. Good reward for the amount of effort that goes into hacking.
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    Who played it first?

    Well Phil was himself doing that particular fill throughout much of the 70s. Here he is doing it on the live seconds out released in 1977. Hard to say who did it first. But there can be no doubt Phil created one of if not the most iconic drum fills ever!
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    Do you have a daily warm up?

    Check out Tommy Igoe’s Great Hands for a Lifetime. Awesome tools you can use during your entire drumming journey.
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    Do you have a daily warm up?

    Igoe’s lifetime warm-up is always great. Depending on what I’m focussing on that day, I may also do some 8 on a hand of full rebound strokes or some basic 4-limb flow exercises.
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    No drum kit? No problem!

    Mike Portnoy is a good dude. Anyone who follows his social media feeds will see how connected he is to his fan base and how empathetic a person he is. I really enjoyed following his YouTube series on his vinyl collection repressings which enables him to demonstrate his impressively encyclopedic...
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    Are we talking about being creative individuals or the inspiration to execute on these ideas? Seems we are mixing both concepts, each of which have starkly different approaches.
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    Drumming and martial arts

    I keep asking for evidence and you’re not showing anything other than someone striking an inert watermelon and making general arguments. So at this point I’m out. But all I will say is good luck getting an eye attack in on against someone properly trained in modern martial arts. Sure it’s...
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    Drumming and martial arts

    I think you’ve been watching too much blood sport. Lol. Sorry but the proof is in the ring. There is no evidence that these esoteric “deadly” martial arts have any effectiveness at all. martial arts that have been honed in the ring with real live combatants (western boxing, bjj, muay Thai, etc)...
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    Drumming and martial arts

    So who are some modern MMA practitioners that use tai chi in the ring? I’m sorry but I’m always very sceptical when I read about these supposedly deadly martial arts that for some strange reason have not been adopted by modern martial artists who stand to gain a lot of money and renown by using...
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    Drumming and martial arts

    I would say the softer arts like tai chi that I studied for a few years, while having little to do with practical self-defence, impart a sense of mindfulness, flow, and mind/body connection which indirectly contributed to my drumming growth. Activities like yoga and meditation further these...