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    Upcoming Netflix Documentary on Drummers

    “ ‘Count me in’ comes out August 24. The preview features a frenetic Beatles performance and Abe Laboriel jr. raving about Ringo. Looked good! Should hopefully be 81 minutes of fun. Really looking forward to this one - anyone else?
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    Pinpointing your inspiration

    All these years later it continues to be my alpha and omega of drums
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    The Perfect Movie

    Any votes for Inception yet? A Christopher Nolan masterpiece. Hans Zimmer's soundtrack is gloriously apocalyptic and a must-have for any soundtrack aficionado.
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    Thoughts on Phil Collins

    Not sure I agree with that transcription of Wot Gorilla. Where are the ghost notes before/after the snare hit on 3; they give the groove texture and a much funkier feel. Without the ghost notes it's almost a completely different groove
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    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    I’ve had the same one for years and never even touched the out-of-the box factory settings.
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    RIP Joey Jordison

    Stewart Copeland was a huge fan of Jordison’s abilities, daring to put him on equal footing with Buddy Rich: Buddy was the Mozart of the drums. I would say that he and Joey Jordison, of all people, have taken the technique – the finesse, the detail – to the highest level. And in both cases...
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    RIP Joey Jordison

    Couldn’t find a post for this in DW. He was a huge influence in the metal scene and beyond. He will be missed…
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    Olympics Anyone?

    shut up and dribble, got it 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Olympics Anyone?

    But requiring athletes to stand and salute a flag during sporting events isn’t a political act? Seems what we are defining as political is anything that disrupts the status quo
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    Olympics Anyone?

    IOC rule 50 specifically bans protests on Olympic sites including medal podiums. There was a slight variance of that rule for this Olympics where athletes can express their views in mixed zones, press conferences and during interviews, as well as prior to the start of competition.
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    For Canada, here is what the federal government and Canada Post uses (the "Internationally approved alpha code" column would directly answer your question). Province/Territory Standard abbreviations English/French Internationally approved alpha code (Source: Canada Post) Standard...
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    Rock Beato’s Top 20 Drum Grooves of all-time

    Not too many surprises here, but cool to see this topic get some attention from the larger music community. And let’s give the drummer some for replicating the grooves really well! 👍
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    Drumming Gloves are useless

    Sorry mate - getting mad “let’s get physical” vibes from your hero’s look 😄
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    Simple songs that are more interesting upon analysing them?

    He’s definitely got a Ringo thing going on. Love his sloshy use of the hats and accenting the off-beats. it’s almost like he’s dancing behind the kit - tough to replicate. “You don’t know how it feels” is a great example of this.
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    Drumming Gloves are useless

    I’m assuming said rock outfit included a cape? It’s a proven fact there’s only one way to rock and capes are a necessary (and often sufficient) ingredient. 🤘